If you need more time to complete your programme, you'll need to extend your Tier 4 visa.

You may need to extend your Tier 4 visa in order to give you more time in the UK to complete your programme. This may be because you have made a change to your programme, undertaken resits, added a placement or study abroad year, or because it has been agreed that you can defer some of your assessment.

The information in these pages is designed to help students who are already registered on a programme at the university, and who need more time to complete this. If you've already completed your programme and are making a visa application to start a new one, the process may be different. Please refer to our information for applicants.

 Due to the Covid-19 crisis, there are some changes to visa extensions at this point in time.

- The UK Government has made some special arrangements to help people whose visas are expiring, but cannot leave the UK due to travel restrictions.

- Requests for a CAS for a short period of extension, for this academic year only, may not be approved by the university.

- Visa Application Centres in the UK are currently closed. You can still make a visa application online, but you will be waiting for longer to receive your new visa.

Please contact the International Student Advice Service if you have any questions about extending your visa.

When to extend your visa

Planning for your Tier 4 visa extension and when to submit it

Financial requirements

Understand the financial requirements and the evidence you need

CAS for extending your visa

How to request a CAS for your visa extension

Applying with dependants

Important information if you are bringing a dependant with you to the UK

Apply for your Tier 4 Visa in the UK

Guidance on how to make your Tier 4 visa application in the UK

Apply for your Tier 4 visa outside the UK

Guidance on how to make your Tier 4 application outside of the UK


Academic Technology Approval Scheme

Documents required

The documents you need to apply for your Tier 4 visa.