Registration FAQs

If you have queries about the registration process, check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Key registration dates for the current cohort can be found on our Online Registration page.

For guidance on how to register, please see our pages on Online Registration, Document Checks, and Student ID Card Collection.

General queries

What does "registration is closed for your cohort" mean?

This means that Online Registration is currently closed for your programme and you will be unable to complete it at this time.

There may be a planned closure for maintenance, or it might be too early or too late to start registering online. If you haven't received an email invitation to register yet, try again once you've got it.

If you've missed the registration deadline, you might need approval from your Faculty to register – please contact the Student Centre so we can look into it for you.

Why has my Online Registration stopped?

If a query has been raised on the Query Tracker related to your course, programme, or fees, our system will automatically stop you from continuing so we can make sure everything on your record is correct and ready for you to register.

Some queries may take longer to resolve, especially during busy times in registration, so please be patient. We respond to queries as soon as possible.

If you submitted a query in error, contact the Student Centre or log an enquiry on the Digital Student Centre to let us know so we can close it for you.

Keep an eye on your Query Tracker page - if your query is in red, you will need to wait for it to be resolved by a member of the relevant team before you can continue. Any queries in black won't stop you from registering and will be updated later in the academic year.

I logged a query on the Query Tracker, how long until I get a response?

We aim to respond to Online Registration queries within 3 working days. Some may take longer if they need to be approved by another department. Please do not send the same query more than once, as it may result in your registration being paused for longer than necessary.

You can check the status of each query on your Query Tracker page, which will show a letter beside each query:

P = Processing (Not yet resolved)

C = Complete (Resolved – please continue with Online Registration)

A = Awaiting Authorisation (Not yet resolved, awaiting authorisation from your faculty or another department for information or amendments)

If your query is red, you’ll need to wait until it’s resolved before you can continue. We know this may be frustrating, but please bear with us and we'll answer your query as soon as we can.

If your query is black, you won’t need to wait for a response – please continue with your Online Registration.

Please check your Online Registration regularly for updates.

How do I get my Student ID card?

If you are a new student starting a course at one of our main campuses - Greenwich, Avery Hill, or Medway - you will need to bring the appropriate form of ID with you to one of the Student Centres to complete your registration and collect your Greenwich Gateway card.

If you are a continuing student, your Student ID card will last the duration of your course. If you have lost your card or it is expired, you can visit your nearest Student Centre for a replacement. Please be aware that, if you have lost your card two or more times, you may need to buy a replacement on our online store.

If you are a distance learner or partner/network student, your card will be sent to your home address (if you live in the UK) or college respectively. Please note that we cannot produce your card if you did not upload a photo during Online Registration.

Can I visit any Student Centre?

All three of our Student Centres can print your ID card, do your DBS ID check, and give you general student information. You can find our locations, opening times, and more information on the Student Centres webpage.

Am I fully registered?

If you’re a new student and you’ve completed Part 1 and Part 2 registration, you’ll know you’re fully registered when you have your Student ID card.

If you’re a continuing student, you’ll be fully registered when you finish Online Registration.

You can find more information on the steps to register on our Welcome pages.

How do I change my name on my student record?

If you've changed your name by deed poll or by marriage, please bring or send the document confirming your name change to the Student Centre.

If you have a Student ID card with your previous name, let us know and we can replace it for you.

How do I change my preferred name?

If you would like a preferred name to replace your first name on Teams/Outlook/class registers, log an enquiry on the Digital Student Centre and we can update it for you. We don't need any proof to update your preferred name.

Please be aware that your full legal name will still be used on your final certificate/transcript.

How do I change my prefix (Mrs, Mr, Mx, etc.)?

To change or update your preferred prefix, please contact the Student Centre and your record will be updated. We do not need proof to change your prefix.

If you have also changed your name, you can ask a member of the team to update your record at the same time, but this may require suitable evidence.

How do I change my address?

You can change your Permanent, Term Time (where you are living during your studies if it is different to your permanent address), or Mailing address at any time during your studies. It is your responsibility to keep your contact details up to date on your student record.

To update your address:

  • Go to your Student Portal
  • Select Student Records in the top banner (or in the options menu on mobile)
  • Select Personal Information
  • Select View / Update Address(es) and Telephone Number(s)
  • Select the type of address you want to change
  • Leave the Phone Number box blank and submit your address

New students

I have deferred my entry and my login details no longer work, what should I do?

As long as you have confirmation of your deferral, all you need to do is wait until you receive an invitation to register.

You should get another invitation email a few weeks before the start of your course and your login details will be active again. If your password has expired or you experience technical difficulties when you try to log in, contact our IT team by emailing ITServiceDesk@gre.ac.uk or calling 0208 331 7555.

How do I get my DBS documents checked?

Once you've completed your DBS application and made your payment, you can visit any of our three Student Centres to get your documents checked.

Make sure you bring the same documents you used in your application and your email receipt (if applicable) with you and we can complete your check at the counter.

If you're unsure about the DBS process, check out our step-by-step guide for more information.

I do not have my passport. How can I complete my ID check?

If you haven’t got your passport, you can check if you can use a different form of identity using our registration ID check guidance.

If you do need to provide your passport to register, you’ll need to make sure you have it in hand when you come to collect your ID card, which may mean you’ll need to wait until your passport is returned to complete your registration. Attend all of your classes and lectures as usual, and make sure you complete your ID check by the registration deadline.

My qualifications haven't been released yet. How can I complete my qualification check?

If you’ve recently completed your A-Levels or a Level 3 qualification (like a BTEC), a member of the Student Centre team may be able to check your qualifications on the government Learning Record System, or they may have already been verified to us directly by UCAS.

If you’re waiting for a different qualification or your results won’t be available through UCAS/Learning Record System, you can ask your previous institution to email DocumentChecks@gre.ac.uk directly with your full name, confirmation of your qualification, date achieved, and grade (if applicable). This will need to come from an institution email, ending with ac.uk, .edu, etc.

How do I complete Part 2 registration?

To complete Part 2 registration, you’ll need to make sure you’ve sent in your relevant qualifications and brought your form of ID with you to collect your Student ID card.

If you’re a distance learner, you’ll need to make sure you’ve emailed your ID along with your qualifications to DocumentChecks@gre.ac.uk. If you’re a student with a CAS, you won’t need to email your qualifications.

You can find more information about registering on our Welcome pages.

Why do I have to register on Eventbrite to collect my ID card?

During busy times, the Welcome Team and Student Centre use Eventbrite to manage registration so we can make sure we have reasonable waiting times.

When you book a time slot on Eventbrite, we can get a better idea of how many students we’ll be expecting.

I am doing a short course but Online Registration says I am registering for an Associate Programme. How do I change this?

This is usually correct.

The Associate Programme title is used for students undertaking a one-off short course, such as a CPD module linked with the NHS. If you would like to check that this is correct, check your offer letter before submitting a query.

Continuing students

Why can't I register online?

There can be a few different reasons why the system won't let you register:

Did you have a resit or resubmission to do over the summer?
We’ll need your official decision to be made by your Faculty exam board and processed by our Student Records team. When this is done, you’ll be sent an invitation to register for the new academic year – all you’ll need to do is log in and register as normal.

Did you submit an academic appeal?
If your appeal is still in process, you’ll need to wait until the outcome has been reached. The decision may impact what or how you study in the next year, so we need to wait for this process to finish so everything is correct when you register.

Do you have outstanding fees from last year?

You may find that your question has already been answered on the Digital Student Centre.

Most of our students’ questions have been replied to on AskUoG. Here you can check out the most frequently asked questions or raise and enquiry on the Digital Student Centre if your questions is not covered yet.

Alternatively, if you need our detailed advice or continued support, please submit a self-referral [CA1] and we will assess you situation and advise you on next steps.

If you don’t think any of the information above is right for your situation, contact the Student Centre with your Student ID number and we can look into it for you.

When do I need to register?

You must re-register every September for each academic year you study with us, and you'll usually receive your invitation around mid-August.

If you haven't officially been awarded your qualification and are waiting for your results, please make sure you register when you receive your email invitation.

I am finishing my dissertation/project to submit it in September, do I still need to register?

Yes, you'll still need to register to make sure your record is still active to let you submit your work in September.

When you receive your invitation to register, make sure you follow the instructions in the email and complete all action items in Online Registration.

Do I still have to register again in September if I started in January?

You’ll need to complete Online Registration for every academic year (beginning in September) you continue your studies to make sure that your student account stays active.

You can find helpful information about registering as a continuing student on our Online Registration page.

Why is my year of study different in Online Registration?

Our Online Registration system works by academic years (beginning in September), so it may not reflect the actual year you're studying. This is correct and won't affect your study.

For example, if you're a Postgraduate student on a one-year course starting in April, when you re-register in September as a continuing student, Online Registration will list you as a Year 2 student as it is the second academic year you have been studying with us.

Do I need to do face-to-face (Part 2) registration?

No, if you’re a continuing student, you’ll just need to complete Part 1 – Online Registration each academic year you’re studying with us.

However, if you’re progressing into further studies or starting a new programme, such as moving from an undergraduate to a postgraduate course within Greenwich, you’ll be classed as a new student and will need to do both Part 1 (Online Registration) and Part 2 (face-to-face) registration.

Overseas students

Do I still need to send in my qualifications to register?

If you were issued a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), you won't need to send any qualifications to the Student Centre to register. Our CAS team check the qualifications you have when you apply.

You can find more information on our Document Checks page.

Can I collect my BRP before I have finished registration?

Yes, you can collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) before you’ve completed registration if it has been processed and is ready to collect from one of our Student Centres.

Please bring your passport with you and double-check the collection location on your UKVI letter.

Distance learning students

Do I have to show my ID in person to register?

No. If you are a distance learning student, you will need to send a scan or clear photo of your valid, in-date ID to DocumentChecks@gre.ac.uk. Make sure you include your 9 digit Student ID number (beginning with 00) in your email.

For more information on acceptable forms of ID, check our Document Checks page.

How do I get my Student ID card?

You'll receive your Greenwich ID card once you complete your Online Registration and Document Checks if your mailing or permanent address on the Portal is in the UK.

If you did not upload a photo during registration, your card cannot be issued. Log an enquiry on the Digital Student Centre and send us a photo so we can add it for you and produce your card.

If you completed your registration over two weeks ago and have not yet received your card, please log an enquiry and we can look into it for you.

Any questions?

If you'd like more information, check out our Digital Student Centre. You can find FAQs or log an enquiry and we'll get back to you.