Keeping and processing information About the university

There are many benefits of good information, records and data management.

These pages are aimed at University of Greenwich members of staff.

There are many benefits of good information, records and data management, some of them being:

  • Space saving
  • Cost saving
  • Duplication elimination
  • Better working practices
  • Greater efficiency
  • Easily and speedily retrieved records
  • Ideas sharing
  • Legal compliance and accountability

Personal data

Personal data relates to living individuals (Data Subjects) who can be identified from it, either by itself or in tandem with other information that might be in the University's possession. It includes expressions of opinion, and intentions towards the individual.

The University's registration number for Data Protection legislation purposes is Z6638040. 

Changes in processing must be notified to the University's Data Protection Officer .

Privacy Impact Assessments should be undertaken by members of staff in certain circumstances.

How long should I keep information?

The University has information and records retention schedules which set out how long to keep information.

Records Coordinators

The University has Records Coordinators in each Faculty and Directorate.

Historical Archive

The University has an Archive in the Stockwell Street building.

Off-site Storage

The University uses an off-site storage company where it keeps semi-permanent records which do not need to be kept locally.


There is training available to members of staff and University associates.