Information and Records Retention Schedules are lists of the information and records which are held in each of the Faculties and Directorates.

Information and Records Retention Schedules help us to:

  • improve efficiency within Faculties and Directorates, and create better working practices
  • be able to retrieve records more easily and speedily, by knowing where they are, and who keeps them
  • eliminate some duplication of records, and effort, around the university
  • save space
  • aid cost-saving, both in terms of space, and of effort
  • be able to comply more readily with requests for information, both internally and externally

Retention periods have been chosen using the following means:

  • Records Retention Management: guidance and retention schedules for information held in higher and further education institutions compiled by JISC
  • Regulatory and legislative recommendations, or business good practice recommendations
  • Staff and student obligations and requirements
  • Risk assessment involved in retention periods
  • Retention periods used by other universities

Members of staff can view individual Information & Records Retention Schedules.