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Off-site storage

Instructions for staff on applying for space in the off-site storage.

Applying for space

Instructions for applying for space in the off-site storage for staff.

1. Criteria

Records will need to be kept semi-permanently, and will be listed on the appropriate Information and Records Retention Schedule.

They will not need to be referred to regularly (but they may be accessed from time to time).

2. Charges

There will be a charge for purchase of boxes, for storage of boxes, for retrieval of boxes, and for destruction of contents of boxes. The Information Compliance Manager will administer the charging system, by receiving invoices from the Chatham Archive and re-charging Faculties and Directorates according to their usage.

Current charges:

Item Description Price


Medium archive box (15"x14"x10") £2.70


Per box per year £4.00          
New boxes being placed into storage Charge per box £1.03


Routine retrieval (next working day) £10.30
  Emergency retrieval £60.00
  Permanent withdrawal of a box £3.00
  Handling charge per box £1.03

[Example: routine retrieval of 10 boxes = £10.30 + £1.03 x 10 = £20.60 total]



Contents of a box shredded £2.36

Prices are exclusive of VAT. Prices will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Please note: this is the only off-site storage facility that the university uses - none other is available.


3. Application Form

Complete the top half of the Application for Off-Site Storage Space form, and the bottom half in consideration with your local Records Coordinator or the Information Compliance Manager.

Entry into system date: this is the date when the box goes into the storage facility.

Retention period: refer to your Information & Records Retention Schedule.

End or review date: work this out from the retention period.

Removed or destroyed date: this will be when the box is received back from storage, or destroyed.

Box No.: boxes should be numbered with a UoG number; you will also need to attach a barcode label on the box (refer to the Information Compliance Manager).

Send a copy of all application forms to the Information Compliance Manager at Greenwich QA282, or by email. This is so that a central log of all storage can be kept, and the re-charging can be administered.

4. Boxes

Pack the box with care, don't make it too heavy, and try not to include lever-arch files and plastic wallets; remove staples as far as possible. This will make destruction easier in the long-run.

A copy of the application form should be placed inside the box, on top of the contents of the box. Make sure that the box is securely taped shut.

The box should be labelled on the outside with its Box No, and its barcode.

An instruction then needs to be sent to the Chatham Archive storage facility, by the Information Compliance Manager.

5. Retrieval

A box requested before 4pm will be delivered on the following working day. Retrieval must be done via the Information Compliance Manager.

6. Reviewing of Records

Using the "End or Review Date" on the application form, the Information Compliance Manager will contact those people with records stored, just before that date, asking whether those records can be destroyed, or if they should be returned to the office for review.

If the records are to be destroyed, this can be arranged through the storage facility.