Centre for Exercise Activity and Rehabilitation

Centre for Exercise Activity and Rehabilitation

Research and practice to focus on understanding the benefits of physical activity and rehabilitation-based interventions across the lifecourse.

Find out more about the Centre for Exercise Activity and Rehabilitation.

Find out more about the Centre for for Exercise Activity and Rehabilitation.

Research activity

About us

The Centre for Exercise Activity and Rehabilitation (CEAR) brings together expertise from different but interconnected knowledge areas to generate evidence on the benefits of physical activity, sport, and other rehabilitation strategies to support people’s well-being across the lifecourse. Our Centre brings together researchers from different areas of science, including exercise scientists, clinicians, physiotherapists, sociologists, eduators, nutritionists, biomechanists, psychologists to share their expertise and expand their research focus by working with us. We collaborate with other prestigious institutions in the UK and abroad to conduct scientific research capable of improving the understanding of physical activity as an essential component in our society.

We work in partnership with local organisations, industry and or government bodies to achieve beneficial outcomes from concerning specific groups of people such as children, youth, adults, older adults, workers, service users or patients to addressing global health issues.

  • Professional practices using exercise and other regenerative strategies to promote health.
  • Interventions to improve wellbeing across ages.
  • Use of exercise and others rehabilitation strategies in education and social care.
  • Studies of physical activity, nutrition and rehabilitation in children, youth, middle aged and older adults.

ILD | Institute for Lifecourse Development

The ILD is a key anchor resource hosted by the Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences. Professionals from related fields will work closely together with researchers and stakeholders from public, charitable and voluntary organisations. Together they will develop effective and economically sustainable lifecourse solutions and tackle the grand challenge agendas society faces.

Recent publications


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Conference item

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Conference proceedings

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