Wolfson Centre


Biomass Operations and Handling; April 2023

The course is very detailed and informative on a technical level. It also provides a lot of in-depth insight into the wood pellet bio-mass industry and provides a good foundation of knowledge to someone new to that industry; Lin Delassus, Logistec, USA

Measurement of the Properties and Bulk Behaviour of Particulate Materials; January 2023

Overall the course was great; Miroslav Keprta, Sklenar

Very knowledgeable and honest answers given; Rasika Bridges, Colorcon.

Biomass Operations and Handling Technology; June 2022
in-company course

The delivery of the course from Mike was fantastic. The feedback from all the attendees was very positive and the training very well received; Jordan Keightley-Smith, Fortum O&M (UK) LTD

Storage and Discharge of Powders and Bulk Materials; April 2022

An excellent course for anyone in dry food production and factory design; Joseph Woods, Linwood

Port and Terminal Operations for Bulk Cargoes; March 2022

I found this course to be a very good insight into bulk handling, a very good knowledge and wide variety of subjects, even looked into new ideas and possible different ways of handling bulk cargoes, and in an ever changing industry this was very interesting.  Tony Evans, Terminal Superintendent, RedCar Bulk Terminals

Thanks Michael for very interesting presentations; Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Hassan , Solids Handling Engineer, Engineering for the Petroleum & Process Industries (Enppi)

Commissioning and Troubleshooting 'Hands-on' Pneumatic Conveying Systems; March 2022

The practical side of the course was very good, it brought together the classroom session and allowed us to put it into practice. A good course that has given me a good introduction into pneumatic conveying systems. Graeme Ainsworth, Inovyn

Biomass Operations and Handling Technology; Feb 2022

I highly recommend this course. The authors presented the issues related to biomass in an exhaustive and very clear way. Miroslaw Bajda; Researcher and Lecturer, Wrocław University of Science & Technology

Course was well structured and delegates had the ability to challenge the presenter on material in the course. Terence Lendrum; HSEQ Specialist Port of Tyne

This course gives the tenant a rich and steady base to the whole business of biomass and general knowledge of most equipment and technology around the handling materials. It's a must if you are in the selling or using biomass bulk companies. Göran Tidstrand Tender Engineer, Bruks Siwertell

The course include some general information about bulk materials handling, with stress on the problems of conveying Biomass. I like how the course was presented and personally learned a lot! Gavril Angelov Emanouilov, Engineering manager, Mitchells Engineering

Caking and Lump Formation in Powders and Bulk Materials; Feb 2022

Found the course extremely useful and thought provoking. As stated during the course, I think the emphasis in the industry on understanding material handling and characteristics is often forgotten about or discarded in favour of cost saving, so I'm keen to utilise whatever knowledge I can gain to address this for our site. Adam Wilce; BASF Metals Recycling

Rotary Valves; Design, Selection and Operational Issues; Sept 2021

The course was packed with detail and gives you information to extend your knowledge. Francis Furlong; Finelady Bakeries Ltd

Pneumatic Conveying System Design; Sept 2021

I found the course very informative.  I think it gives the attendee a detailed insight into and explanation of the factors affecting pneumatic conveying system design. Dan Liptrott; Rospen Industries

Overview of Particulate Handling Technology;  July and September 2021

Richard was very knowledgeable, friendly and a gentleman.  The courses were well paced and covered not only the content in the slides but were adaptable to real life scenarios.  Caroline booked the courses with plenty of notice and the provision of the slides worked well as we all work and learn differently. Mark Harrison, Technical Operations Leader, Recipharm

Richard was clearly very experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Although an expert he was able to explain the concepts so that these could be understood by those without expertise in this area. I learnt a lot from attending the course. Sarah Riley, Principal Validation Specialist, Recipharm

Richard was such a good teacher to tell in a easy understandable "language"; Lone Gavnholt, Design Engineer, GEA

Great course for understanding the basic of powder handling; Jonathan Messaoui, CLS Sales & Execution Manager Powder Handling Global, GEA

Highly relevant course for anyone constructing, producing or using powder handling equipment. Presenting both theory, facts and experience through logical and easily understandable lectures; Henrik Widenborg Olsen, Engineer in Powder Handling, GEA

Powder Handling and Flow in Additive Manufacturing; July 2021

The presenters were very knowledgeable and presented well; Tim Smith,  Pal Corp, USA

Biomass Handling, Feeding and Storage; June 2021

The technical content, professionalism and experience in the topics of The Wolfson Centre BIOMASS course exceeded our expectations; Dr Oscar Angulo; Lead Engineer

Very interesting course, with a great presenter; Ricardo Roa - Quality and Lab Engineer

The course was complete, it seemed good to me since several real cases were presented and the theory explained was complete;
Ignacio Aguilera, Management Project Engineer

Course delivered to Rall Ingeniería & Rall Conveyor; Chile

Dust Explosions; Atex Compliance;  May 2021

The course was extremely well delivered, there were quite a few hidden gems came out of the course, that will really help me and our projects team with the life extension of our Grain Terminal.

Lance Weissenborn; Operations Director, Peel Ports

Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials; May 2021

A great informing course, would recommend if you are trying to solve a solution within your own workplace;

Apprentice process control technician

Wonderful training course, it had the exact depth I needed to enhance my knowledge in conveying systems. All my questions I had in mind were answered, either through the training material content or through discussions during the course.

Hashim Al-Jazzaf, Senior Improvement Engineer, Equate, Kuwait

Storage and Discharge of Powders and Bulk Materials; April 2021

It’s perfect for any solids handling and processing engineer;

Hussein Soliman, Solids handling and processing engineer at ENPPI, Egypt

Port and Terminal Operations for Peel Ports; in-company course; Feb 2021

Mike was an engaging presenter, making a dry subject really interesting, he was able to give real world solutions to some of the challenges we face; Andrew Wilson, Senior QSHE Manager, 

I would strongly recommend this course, it's highly informative and covers all the required subject matter; Lance Weissenborn, Operations Director

Enjoyable, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The Prof passion for the topic shined through; Toni Stone, Terminal Manager AFS & Gen Bulks

Michaels depth of knowledge and passion for the subject is boundless and he will go into detail on areas outside of the syllabus if asked. The course is a must-attend for anyone involved in handling bulk commodities; Peter Devonshire. Terminal Manager

Measurement of the Properties and Bulk Behaviour of Particulate Materials; Feb 2021

Informative and interesting, I particularly enjoyed the topics covered and presented by Dr Hamid Salehi (Flow Properties and Caking topics)

Tom Law, Kudos Blends Ltd

Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials; Jan 2021

A great adaption in these strange times to an on line course in Pneumatic conveying,  Left with the course with new insides on pneumatic conveying and the with the knowledge that what we consider as normal is not really the case.  Great course and thanks to every one who has made it possible.

Peter Rondas, Solvay

Hopper Design and Operation – Bespoke In company course; Feb 2021

Absolutely brilliant course, with detailed information on each subject covered. Knowledge of the tutor was outstanding.

Calum Metcalf, Rospen Industries Ltd

Rotary Valves: Design, Selection and Operational Issues; Dec 2020

This course offers a lot of information that can help everyone, from someone just learning about rotary valves to a seasoned expert.

Ryan VanVeen, Walinga


Very good content and interesting course.

Paul Murphy; Thermo Fisher


The Rotary Valve short course is a densely packed 2 day rundown of rotary valve design, selection and applications. I found prof Bradley to be an excellent educator who is delighted to answer any question with great in-depth knowledge.

Joost Weerstra, Van Aalst Bulk Handling

Pneumatic Conveying System Design; Dec 2020

Although I have several years of experience with pneumatic conveying, I have gained new insights which will help me to improve our system designs.

Winfried Goes;  Solutions BV  The Netherlands

Overview of Particulate Handling Technology; Oct 2020

The course provides practical and easily comprehensible key topics on bulk solids handling technology; a good combination of theoretical knowledge and practical examples

Tobias Bug; Umicore, Belgium

Caking and Lump Formation in Powders and Bulk Materials; July 2020

'The course gave me a useful introduction to the theoretical aspects as well as practical issues that may be encountered in powder transport. It provides an understanding that may help avoiding pitfalls for someone designing a transport system, as well as solving problems in existing plants.'

Carl Jæger, Elkem Carbon Fiskaa; Norway

In Company Powder Handling Course; October 2019

I wanted to thank you for an outstanding day of powder-related training; we all thoroughly enjoyed your practical approach and your insights into customer needs and the skill levels of the marketplace – we're now working through what we learnt from you.

Very much looking forward to the next level course.

Neil Cunningham; Founder and CEO, Centre for Industrial Rheology

Storage and Discharge Of Powders and Bulk Materials: 24 - 26 September 2019

I had no idea how much we do not know about solids until I have participated in the course "Storage and discharge of powders and bulk materials".

In the course we have received useful data to apply in our work place, and Mr. Richard Farnish kindly answered to all our questions (and we had a lot of them).

Thank you very much for your hospitality, for your knowledge and for the enlightening course and practical session.

Dikla Rochman; ICL, Israel

Pneumatic Conveying System Design: April 2019

I appreciated the practical exercises to get a hands on feel of the parameters important for calculations and layout of a pneumatic conveying system.

Dr Tom Simons, BASF

Dust Control for Processes: March 2019


Just thought I'd drop you a message about the above course I attended last week, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it and how relevant it was to me, the process I'm involved with and the issues we have.  I went through the course being able to relate a lot of our issues to what you went through. I will be able to reference a lot of what you went through back on-site.

Carl Atkinson, Production Manager, Singleton Birch

Overview of Particulate Handling Technology: Oct 2018

It was very informative and I would recommend this course to anyone in the industry. I look forward to being able to discuss these topics with my clients from a more knowledgeable perspective.

Chris Jones, Kemutec Group Inc. – A part of the Schenck Process Group

Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials: May 2018

The course was very informative and has made me look at handling bulk solids in a new light. I plan to build on what I have learnt by carrying out tests back at my company and will be presenting a summary of the course to members of our team who are regularly handling bulk powders. I would encourage anyone who is involved in the design of bulk handling solutions to go on this course so that they can avoid many of the costly mistakes associated with powders.

Joseph Roddis, LPW Technology

Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials: May 2018

It was a very helpful course giving insights in day to day issues which are not well understood in the industry. The course has enabled me to address these issues and prevent these from happening in the future.

Richard Hontelez, Tata Steel Europe

Pneumatic Conveying System Design; Dec 2017

Not to mention the excellent conditions of the workshop (location, equipment and facilities), this workshop demonstrated to me that an appropriate scientific approach can help to understand this art of pneumatic transport. I recommend this training to engineers who want to tackle powder conveying problems (design and operation) in their factory.

Ernest Teunou, FrieslandCampina Ingredients

Pneumatic Conveying System Design; Dec 2017

Excellent course, that manages to provide clear structure to this complex subject.

Strongly recommended for any company reliant upon pneumatic conveying in production.

Neil Gokhale, Fosroc International Ltd

Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials; Nov 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to commend everyone involved with delivering this training course. I found it very helpful and enjoyable, the evening meal is a great idea and a good opportunity for some networking. The course content is excellent and the text book is fabulous, I look forward to returning in the future for some of the other courses.

Conal McAshea, Regal Processors Ltd

Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials; Nov 2016

Excellent. Very informative. Would recommend and send staff in future.

Russell Davies, LP Tech

Rotary Valves: Design, Selection and Operational Issues; Feb 2016

I found the Rotary Valves; Design, Selection and Operational Issues course to be very informative, providing a great insight into to complexities of Rotary valve design and selection. It highlighted real issues with simply selecting a rotary valve from a catalogue without due consideration into the how the material characteristics, leakage and pneumatic conveying line pressure will affect all affect the rotary valve performance in the supply of material.

Furthermore it demonstrated the shear volume of variance in rotary valve configurations, whilst looking at the recommended duties for each component allowing us to generate a firm understanding of how to configure the optimal rotary valve for a specified duty.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone associated with the design of pneumatic conveying systems.

Joshua Walker, HR Blowers UK Ltd

Advanced Course: Pneumatic Conveying System Design; Feb 2016

The course provided a good, in-depth insight into the thermodynamics involved and the latest, most reliable technique of pneumatic conveying design. Scrutiny of testing processes involved was also helpful in understanding.

Rotary Valves: Design, Selection and Operational Issues; Feb 2016

This day course was excellent in terms of content being inclusive. Also, having a vendor to demonstrate the internals of an RV model with Q&A was highly informative.

Both courses have provided good steer on present and future design work.

Tony Robertson, Simon Carves Engineering Ltd

Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials; Nov 2015

My experience attending the course at the Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology has been very positive.

Teaching is done with enthusiasm and passion and the topics are contextualized to the level of detail required by the class.

I recommend it to all those who are involved in the Bulk Solids Handling industry; to exploit the expertise and professionalism of the Institute in order to deepen scientific and technical aspects that are the key to understanding the behaviour of materials and the specifications of transport and storage systems.

Marco Minniti, FL Smidth Ventomatic, Italy

Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials; Nov 2015

Biomass Handling, Feeding and Storage; Nov 2015

Both the courses I attended were well delivered practically and in theory. Understanding the science behind this technology will make maintaining the plant much more effective. Everyone involved with these systems should attend these courses.

David Robinson, Sembcorp

Biomass Handling, Feeding and Storage; Nov 2015

I'm back in the office now and have given my colleagues some feedback on the course I attended last week, 'Biomass Handling, Feeding & Storage 24-25th Nov'.

It was most informative and just what was needed for us to progress our biomass drying project with confidence.

We now also know where to go for the best information and assistance should we need it!

Lloyd Brotherton, Rank Recycling Scotland

Overview of Particulate Handling Technology; October 2015

I would just like to say that the content of the course and the way it was presented made it very interesting and enjoyable. Everything was well organised and we were well looked after. It is a course i would highly recommend to people as it was to my colleagues and myself. I can speak for all of us to say we are looking forward to doing the  Pneumatic Conveying of bulk materials course in mid November.

I found the course very interesting and relevant to our industry, the course was presented to a highly professional standard, and my myself and my colleagues greatly benefited from attending the course and would highly recommend it to others.

Brian Badrick and Enda McHugh of Lafarge Cauldon Ltd

Overview of Particulate Handling Technology

Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials

Pneumatic Conveying System Design; July 2015

Hi Caroline

I would like to give you a few comments on the courses I have attended.

Being relatively new to the industry of Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Solids, starting at the very beginning on the introductory course (Overview of Particulate Handling Technology) was ideal. Although it seemed to wander into what appeared to be some sideline topics, by the end of the course everything fitted into place and everything was relevant to the subject. Even after the first course I felt far more comfortable visiting sites and I was able to at least understand what was being said and even making some contribution as to what was good practice and what should be avoided.

The introductory course was sufficiently stimulating to encourage me to go on the next course (Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials) and I really looked forward to moving on. It was very interesting going into greater depth on the topics covered in the first course and the content followed on extremely well. It was very obvious that the lecturers were extremely knowledgeable in the subjects covered. They passed on a wealth of knowledge that would have taken years to gain in practice, or more possibly, never to have gained! Following this course, I have been able to understand far better the problems that occur in the field, and better still, I have been able to put forward possible solutions or at least been able to give advice on where to go in the event of major, seemingly unsolvable problems – the Wolfson Centre!

When the Advanced Course (Pneumatic Conveying System Design) was announced, I immediately applied to attend. The content appeared to be the perfect follow up to the previous courses and I was not disappointed. I now fully realise how little I know but I have a very good basic understanding of the subject to progress my knowledge in this fascinating and very complex discipline. It covered a wide range of topics all of which materially affect the way different substances behave/react to pneumatic conveying. The practical examples underlined the complexities of pneumatic conveying.

The Wolfson Centre is very well equipped with very practical equipment for assisting the industry to solve problems being experienced in the field. The lectures are well presented and the staff are both friendly and helpful. The courses are also structured in such a way that there is very useful discussion time which also helps the delegates to get to know each other and exchange views.

In conclusion, a very big THANK YOU to the Wolfson Centre and all the staff.

John Adams, Sales Director, H R Blowers UK Ltd

Measurement of Properties and Bulk Behaviour of Particulate Materials; July 2015

A great course – it gives you a good understanding of the potential pitfalls within bulk material systems which you can apply on your return to work.

Stephen Martin, Biomass Procurement Manager, RWE Innogy UK Ltd