Wolfson Centre

In Company Courses

Bespoke training on site at a time to suit you

Many of the courses offered can be delivered as an In-Company course. These are proving to be a popular option for companies who have a number of personnel who would benefit from education in the subject area, for 3 main reasons:

  1. COST: It is more economic for us to bring the course to you, than for you to send several staff out to us;
  2. RELEVANCE: We can tailor the course programme to suit the operations you have in your plant, hence reducing the amount of material which is not directly relevant;
  3. CONVENIENCE: We can run the course when it suits you, even over several separate days rather than in a block if it is better for you.

The level of the course can be set at either an introductory or an advanced level, depending on the job function and educational background of the delegates.  It may also be set at different levels in different subject areas.

Objectives may include the promotion of either:-

  • A general understanding of good practice in the chosen technical field, perhaps with particular emphasis on component selection, operation and maintenance points of view, together with some basic outlines of good design practices; or
  • An in-depth understanding of design practices for the hardware in question, including the latest technology available; or
  • An appreciation of the operation and maintenance requirements of the hardware in order to assist operators in getting the best from the plant.

Where appropriate, case studies will be used to illustrate course material and provide an industrial context. A substantial troubleshooting workshop period can be incorporated to permit analysis of questions raised by attendees.

If you are interested in discussing your requirements, please contact us.

Course Delivery

The provision of on-line course delivery has proved successful so this option remains available as we return to face-to-face teaching.

Remote delivery brings some advantages; it is possible to split the training into smaller, more digestible segments (rather than full days) and we can deliver to many different locations simultaneously – which is particularly useful for companies with a number of site locations. It also becomes a cheaper option as  there are no travel costs associated, making every corner of the world  accessible.