Wolfson Centre

Practical Workshops

Practical Workshops are offered to delegates attending short courses to complement the theory aspects discussed.

Content will vary depending upon the course topic but can be generally expected to include the many of following demonstrations:

Pneumatic Conveying Workshop
  • Demo of Pneumatic Conveying rigs
  • Impact Testing for Degradation
  • Rotary Valves demo
  • Screw Design demo
  • Segregation testing methods
Storage and Discharge of Bulk Materials Workshop
  • Powder Flow Tester and Wall Friction
  • Surface Effect Segregation testing
  • Air Effect Elutriation testing
  • Particle Breakage
  • Screw Design demo
Overview of Particulate Handling Technology Workshop
  • Powder Flow Tester and Wall Friction
  • Segregation Testing and Sample Preparation
  • Screw Design and Flow demo
  • Degradation Testing
  • Colomb Friction
  • PSD Techniques
Powder and Particulate Behavioural Workshops
  • Powder Flow Tester and Flow Function
  • Segregation Testing
  • Size Analysis - manual, automated sieving and laser diffraction
  • Impact Degradation Testing
  • Particle Density by Pycnometer and Liquid Displacement
  • Dustiness Testing

Delegates will be asked for their preferred options prior to the Workshop to allow groups to be formed of like interests.


Delegates will be provided with suitable PPE including overalls, masks and gloves. Sensible covered low heeled footwear is recommended. This is not provided and we reserve the right to refuse entry to the laboratories to anyone who may put themselves at risk due to unsuitable footwear.


Registration is available during the booking of the relevant course. An option will be included to allow the Workshop to be added.

Delegates are welcome to attend the Workshop without attending the short course first. However preferential  booking will be given to those attending both as numbers will be limited.


The workshop will take place at the University of Greenwich Medway campus in Kent ME4 4TB.