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Survey Tools

Survey tools allow users to easily create polls, surveys, feedback forms, or full blown research questionnaires.

The university has approved the use of several online survey and polling tools. These tools all offer similar easy to use, secure environments, but each may be suited to a particular need.

Key Service Information

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use, no set-up required
  • Secure and reliable
  • Meets UK accessibility requirements


Online surveys (formally Bristol Online Survey) is available at

  • The service is available to all staff. Access can be requested by IT Service Desk.

Mentimeter is available at (enter: University of Greenwich)

  • The service is available to anyone with a email address (staff, students and affiliates) with access via Single Sign On.


  • The service is available to all staff. Access can be requested by IT Service Desk, with approval required from Faculty and PAS.


    Support hours:

    09.00 - 17.00 weekdays other than University and Bank Holidays

    User service issues:

    Any dissatisfaction with the service should be addressed in the first instance to the IT Service Desk:
    Telephone: 020 8331 7555, visit the IT Service Desk pages or you may also submit a query online

Help & further information

Online Surveys 

Online surveys (formerly BOS) is a powerful, easy to use tool that allows academics to develop, deploy, and analyse surveys via the Web.


A polling tool in which you set the questions and your target audience respond via a mobile phone or any other internet connected device.

  • Instant Polling tool
  • Results as a Word Cloud
  • PowerPoint plug in available
  • Multiple choice and free text answers
  • Further information and support is available from the Mentimeter page


A cloud hosted survey management system which can be used to evaluate academic modules.

  • Evasys surveys integrate into Moodle
  • Support provided by PAS