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Image sizes for Digital Signage

When creating content for digital signage, use this information to ensure that it is sized correctly for the display screens. When saving your file the file name should begin with L, P or VW for the type of screen being published to.

Note: these dimensions are for our Digital Signage screens only. For laptop and desktop screen sizes please request this information from the IT Service Desk.

Screen sizes

Screen type Dimensions (px)
Portrait - UoG 1080 x 1755
Landscape - UoG 1920 x 940
Videowall - UoG 2560 x 1300 

Video Walls

Content zone: 2560px width by 1300px height (within a full 3840px by 1440px canvas which can support up to 30fps MP4 video).

  • The videowall is composed of 4 identical screens, each with a visible bezel.
  • When creating content please ensure that your text will not be obscured by the bezels.
  • You can also design content to display within the individual panels (use the dimensions below as a guide). The top two panels have slightly more visible space than the bottom two, to allow for the RSS feed that runs across the full width of the screens.

Top panels: Width: 1280px / height:  720px

Bottom panels: Width: 1280px / height:  580px

visual representation of video wall dimensions conveyed in text above

Landscape Screens

Content zone: 1920px width by 940px height. Content must be appropriately sized for landscape displays (aspect ratio of 16:9 Photoshop canvas size)

GSU screens do not use the university header/RSS feed and therefore require content sized at 1920px by 1080px

Portrait Screens

Content zone: 1080px width by 1755px height (within a full 1080px by 1920px screen including the header with the University logo).

Content must be appropriately sized for portrait displays (aspect ratio of 9:16 / Photoshop canvas size)