Centre for Inequalities

Centre for Inequalities

We are promoting research and intervention on social justice, stigma-reduction and integration.

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Centre Lead

Sofia Stathi

Associate Professor of Social Psychology

Members of the Centre have specialisation in a range of fields, including social and developmental psychology, public and allied health, education, and social work amongst others.

Our experts

Dr Tim Acott

Reader in Human Geography

Dr Amena Amer

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Michèle Birtel

Associate Professor of Social Psychology and Programme Leader PhD of School of Human Sciences

Dr Charmaine Brown

Senior Lecturer

Dr Priti Chopra

International PGCE Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer

Dr Mark Colpus

Senior Lecturer

Alison Cork

Principal Lecturer, Adult Nursing

Dr Adam Elliott-Cooper

Research Fellow in Sociology

Dr David Evans

Professor in Sexualities and Genders: Health & Well-Being

Dr Harry Farmer

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Terry Ferns

Senior Lecturer, Adult Nursing

Dr Paula Gomes Alves

Lecturer in Psychology

Scott Goudie

Clinical Education Facilitator

Dr Bonny Hartley

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Psychology

Dr Charlotte Jeavons

Academic Portfolio Lead – Public Health

Dr Vincent La Placa

Associate Professor, Public Health and Policy

Simon Leggatt

Director of Student Experience and Employability

Dr Rosemary Lobban

Lecturer in Psychology

Professor Russell Luyt

Head of School of Human Sciences

Dr Denise A Miller

Course Leader and Senior Lecturer for Childhood and Youth Studies

Dr Carlos Moreno-Leguizamon

Senior Lecturer, Health Development

Dr Julia Morgan

Associate Professor - Public Health and Wellbeing

Dr Craig Morris

Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Dr Louise Owusu-Kwarteng

Associate Professor in Applied Sociology

Carl Parsons

Visiting Professor, Social Inclusion Studies

Dr Jennifer Patterson

Associate Professor of Sustainable Health Practices and Discourses

Dr Christian Perrin

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Professor Tracey Reynolds

Professor of Social Sciences and Director of the Centre for Applied Sociology Research

Dr Rebecca Smith

Senior Lecturer, Psychology

Justin Stephens

Senior Lecturer, Nursing

Dr Jana Uher

Associate Professor of Transdisciplinary Research

Caroline Ukoumunne

Senior Lecturer

Mark Webb

Senior Lecturer

Dr Yang Ye

Lecturer in Psychology

Research activity

About us

The Centre for Inequalities focuses on exploring, understanding and reducing inequalities across various domains (for example, in education, health, the community, and the workplace). Our members conduct primary and secondary research, develop and evaluate evidence-based interventions, and work alongside practitioners and policy makers to promote equality, integration and social justice across the lifespan. Areas of study include inter-ethnic and inter-faith relations; nationalism, prejudice and stigma; refugee, Roma, homeless and other displaced and disadvantaged communities; LGBT and gender rights; older people; victimised and stigmatised groups; mental health and disability.

ILD | Institute for Lifecourse Development

The ILD is a key anchor resource hosted by the Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences. Professionals from related fields will work closely together with researchers and stakeholders from public, charitable and voluntary organisations. Together they will develop effective and economically sustainable lifecourse solutions and tackle the grand challenge agendas society faces.