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Print Credit Top-up

The online print credit top-up service enables students to add to their print balance at any time, and from any location or any device.

Simply log into the epayment system and decide how much you wish to add to your print balance, before completing the shopping cart process and receiving a confirmation email.

Key Service Information

Features and Benefits

The online print credit top-up site is available at

Print credit can only be added onsite (from a university managed desktop computer or a device connected to our eduroam service).


The service is available to all students


    Support hours:

    09.00 - 17.00 weekdays other than University and Bank Holidays

    User service issues:

    Any dissatisfaction with the service should be addressed in the first instance to the IT Service Desk:
    Telephone: 020 8331 7555, visit the IT Service Desk pages or you may also submit a query online

Help & further information

How to top-up your Print Credit

The online print credit top-up service enables students to add to their print balance at any time. Print credit can only be added onsite (from a university managed desktop computer or a device connected to our eduroam service).


For more information, make sure you read the Terms & Conditions.

Online Print Credit FAQs

Where is the website?

The online print top-up website can be found at

What information will I need to pay online?

You will need your University log in and password and your debit or credit card.

When is the online system available?

The system is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Do I get any free printing?

The university gives £5 print credit to each student at the start of each academic year. This is subsidised by IT and Library Services.

How much print credit can I purchase?

You can purchase a maximum of £25 of print credit per transaction, no minimum amount is set.

Please do not overload your print balance as refunds will not be given.

Will I be charged a fee for making a payment online?

No, you will not be charged any additional fee for using the online service.

What cards are accepted?

Visa / Visa Debit / MasterCard / Visa Electron / Maestro

Which currency is accepted?

All transaction are required in Sterling (Great British Pound).

How do I know if my credit or debit card has been charged?

When your payment is processed successfully the payment service will send a confirmation email to the email address you entered in the cardholder details section.  This email contains a unique transaction code for your purchase of print credit called the payment reference number.

You can also check your card statement to determine if the card was charged.

My credit / debit card payment was processed, but my printing account was not credited – what should I do?

Please check that you have received the payment confirmation email and look for the unique payment reference number.  Contact the and provide them with the following information: the payment reference number, a description of the problem including any error messages displayed.

The IT Service Desk will also receive 'print failure' notifications directly from the online payment system and may have already updated your print balance.

I have not received a confirmation email even though my card was charged.

Ensure that the email address you are using is the one that you have entered when purchasing your print credit and also check your email account spam folder.

You can log on to the online print service to check your print balance was updated.

The Online system is not accepting my user name and password, what should I do?

You should be using your University log in and password, i.e. AB1234x.

Note: If your password contains the & (ampersand) character you will need to change your password and use an alternative character.

Can I get a refund of my print balance?

No, refunds will not be given.  Students are advised to not overload their print balance, particularly in the final year of study or close to the end of term.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

The Terms and Conditions are available here and it is strongly recommended that you read them before proceeding.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with the online service?

Please contact the IT Service Desk via email at or call 020 8331 7555.

Note: Support hours are: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).