In brief:

This Code of Conduct is based on feedback from users.
It forms part of the regulations you signed agreement to when registering.


It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with this Code of Conduct and to follow it.

Your safety and security

  • Leave the building promptly when asked to do so by staff or when an emergency alarm sounds.
  • Familiarise yourself with fire escape routes.
  • When plugging in laptops avoid trailing leads across walkways.
  • The library accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property; never leave bags or laptops unattended.
  • Items of personal property left unattended are liable to be removed by library and computing staff.


You must carry a valid Greenwich Gateway card at all times as a form of identification and a means of access to the Library.

It is unacceptable to:

  • gain access to the Library by means other than the designated entrance.
  • gain access to the Library using someone else's Greenwich Gateway card.
  • allow someone else to use your Greenwich Gateway card/Library card to gain access to the Library.


  • All library and computing areas are for quiet or silent study unless specifically set aside for group study or discussion.

Smoking, eating or drinking

  • The consumption of drinks and cold food in the Library is permitted in designated study areas.
  • Report any spillages to staff in person or via email to so that wipes can be provided.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building or within a 5m radius of the building.

Mobile phones

  • Mobile phones must be set to silent mode in the Library - no ring tones.
  • In designated silent and quiet areas, mobile phones must be switched off.

Audio equipment

  • Any use of audio equipment, including Library equipment, may only be through headphones at a low volume, and must not be audible to others.
  • Audio equipment may not be used in silent study areas.

Library transactions

  • Items may be removed from the Library only after the appropriate borrowing procedures have been followed.
  • No transactions may be undertaken without a valid Library card.
  • A Library card may only be used by the person to whom it was issued and whose name appears on it.  You are liable at all times for any transactions on your card, and for all materials that have been issued to you.
  • You are responsible for payment of fines charged for overdue return of loans.

Anti-social behaviour

You are expected to behave with consideration for others in a manner appropriate to a study environment.  Library Services staff will ask you to leave if they judge your behaviour to be in any way inappropriate.

Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.

This includes:

  • Demeaning, abusive, indecent or offensive language or comments.
  • Shouting and/or use of aggressive or inappropriate gestures.
  • Threatening behaviour; verbal or physical harassment.
  • Behaviour that discriminates on the basis of age, disability, gender, race or any other irrelevant distinction.

Use of resources

  • Use of electronic information resources (ejournals, ebooks and databases etc.) must conform to licensing and copyright regulations indicated by each publisher or supplier.
  • Copies of print material can only be made in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act (1988), which is displayed by each copier.

Photography and filming

  • Taking photographs and filming (including on mobile phones) is not permitted, except with written permission from the Library Manager. Students should read the guidance on our LibGuide page to submit filming requests.

Theft, loss and vandalism

You will be held responsible for:

  • The improper removal of all or any part of an item or the mutilation or defacement of Library materials, property and equipment.
  • Lost or damaged Library property on loan to, or being used by you

Computing facilities

Use of these facilities is subject to a range of legislation including:

Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 Computer Misuse Act 1990
Data Protection Act 1998

Always work within the law.

Persons using the University's computing facilities agree to the following:

  • You agree that your use of the system may be monitored.
  • You must not make use of another person's account or allow any use of your own account by any other person.
  • You must not view or display any material that is indecent, pornographic, discriminatory, inflammatory or likely to cause offence.
  • You must not tamper with any hardware or software that forms any part of the computer facility or attempt to install any software onto Library equipment.
  • You must not attempt to access any unauthorised sections of the network.
  • It is forbidden to unplug any running equipment or otherwise interfere with the running of the computer system.
  • You may not use the computing facilities to run a business or to otherwise seek to make monetary profit.
  • You accept that whilst every effort is made to provide as complete a level of service as is possible, the Library is unable to guarantee a 100% level of availability of its service, as this may be affected by factors outside our control such as power outage, building damage or equipment failure.

Contravention of this Code of Conduct

  • May require you to leave the Library.
  • May render you subject to Disciplinary Action.
  • May result in temporary or permanent withdrawal of Library rights.
  • May render you liable to prosecution.