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Green IT

How ILS supports University policy

ILS fully supports the University's sustainability policy. This policy is important for political, legal, social, environmental and economic reasons. Strong drivers for change include HEFCE linking future funding to reduced carbon emissions and the University's ever rising per-unit electricity costs.

Activities that support our goal of reduced energy usage include:

  • Power management plans on all Windows office PCs and open access student workstations.
  • Encouraging energy saving behaviour by users of non-ILS managed desktop computers.
  • Monitoring energy use by desktop PCs, servers and network infrastructure.
  • Including power consumption as a key factor in equipment purchasing decisions.
  • Upgrading our MFDs to new, more environmentally friendly and efficient models.
  • Replacing many physical servers with virtualised servers.
  • Optimising the energy used by our current server room.
  • Ensuring that the new planned data centre is as efficient as possible.
  • Re-using unwanted IT equipment and minimising WEEE waste.
  • Minimising packing waste from deliveries of new IT equipment.

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