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Curriculum Design

Programme and Module Enhancement Workshops (PACE)

PACE (Programme and Courses Enhancement) is designed as an intervention following Academic Planning Committee (APC) or as part of the Review cycle to support Heads of Department, Programme Leaders, and Programme and Course Teams to design high quality programmes and courses. Taken together, PACE comprises up to three workshops – one that is focused on programme development and two aimed at course development.

1.     PACE Programme Level: half a day

This workshop focuses on the overall vision of the programme, programme learning outcomes and overall structure, curriculum mapping and overall assessment approaches.

2.     PACE Course Level: half a day

This workshop focuses on individual courses and helps teams formulate individual course learning outcomes and assessment approaches. It also includes discussion of learning activities to encourage innovative and inclusive teaching approaches, and assists completion of D6.

3.     PACE Learning Design: half a day

This workshop helps course teams develop individual courses, including learning activities and assessment structure, through story-boarding activities, leading to a weekly scheme of work / outline for each course. Time permitting, it also helps colleagues design sample learning activities.

Who should attend?

Programme Leaders / Programme Leader designates must attend the Programme and Course Level workshop. Course Leaders must attend the course workshop and invite course team members, including where appropriate subject librarians, learning technologists, alumni. We encourage students and employers to be involved as a co-design process at various 'reality-checking' stages as required.

What to bring?

For new programmes, APC documentation is required. For all programmes, subject benchmarks or other PSRB requirements, course outlines activities and drafts of D6 documentation are required. Programme Leaders should provide course outlines and programme and course level outcomes beforehand.

How long will it take?

Each workshop is scheduled for 3 hours. Depending on Programme Teams' preferences and availability, it is possible to combine workshops, spreading them across 2 (non-consecutive) days (half a day concentrating on Programme Design, and a whole day concentrating on Course Design). The format is designed for early expert input and consensus to be established with as many stakeholders as possible.

What happens after the workshops?

The design will require further refinement as detailed by the action plan that is completed at the end of each workshop and prior to submission of the final documentation to Quality officers.

To discuss your requirements and book your PACE session(s), contact glt-admin@greenwich.ac.uk