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Teaching in a Hyflex room

We are sharing useful resources to help you further develop your confidence and ability to provide high quality teaching in our upgraded Hyflex teaching spaces.

We define Hyflex teaching as a teaching session which involves some students participating in the classroom and some online via Teams. The Academic and Learning Enhancement Team in Information and Library Services have several resources that can help you explore and plan for Hyflex teaching next term.

Hyflex Classrooms

These are classrooms which allow sessions to be taught to students on campus and online at the same time. The rooms will look similar to a standard teaching room. You will find a second display screen, which you can use to display the MS Teams call so that you and the in-person students can see and interact with the students participating online.

You can check whether your room is HyFlex enabled via our IT and Library Supported Classrooms page – if it is not then please refer to our guidance on teaching in non-Hyflex spaces.

Panopto recordings cannot be made when teaching in Hyflex mode. To upload a Hyflex session to Panopto, download the recording from Stream and upload into Panopto.

Self-Guided Training Resources

We have updated the Adjusting to the Blended Learning Environment Moodle page which provides self-access resources that you can engage with any time. Hyflex-specific sections include:

Sustainable Classrooms

Sustainability is important to us all at Greenwich, which is why we are asking you to power down in-room projectors unless a colleague has arrived for the next lecture. Powering down projectors after each teaching session could help us save 0.4 tonnes of carbon per year.

Myth Busting: Projector Use. Staff are asked to always power down projectors unless the next lecturer has arrived for their lecture. Our projectors take less than 1 minute to power up. There may not be a lecture booked after yours so power down. Power down extends the life of the lamp reducing their failure and potential disruption for you. Lamps last approximately 1750 hours and cost £500 to replace. The estimated annual cost of running projectors in vacant rooms across the university is £2,000. This equates to 0.4 tonnes of carbon.

Blended Learning Resources

Latest news and useful resources for developing blended learning curricula.