Centre for Research & Enterprise in Language (CREL)

Centre for Research & Enterprise in Language (CREL)

The Centre for Research and Enterprise in Language (CREL) at the University of Greenwich is a cross-disciplinary space for the study of language. It is the lead research group for the University's REF2021 submission to UoA27 English Language and Literature.

Group leader

Maria J Arche

Associate Professor of Linguistics & Spanish, Director of the Centre for Research & Enterprise in Language

Maria's research falls within the syntax-semantics interface focusing on Tense, Aspect, Argument Structure and copular verbs. She has studied these topics in the grammar of Spanish and has also investigated their crosslinguistic variation and acquisition.

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The Centre for Research & Enterprise in Language has been created to foster a multidisciplinary environment for research about language. The purpose of the Centre is to bring scholars from the areas of linguistics, applied linguistics, translation, psychology, speech therapy, computing, mathematical sciences, education and sociology together to work in collaboration. CREL is home to courses and activities that are of interest to those studying different aspects of language, its acquisition, development, or its formal analysis or teaching. The centre promotes the production of high-quality research, the participation of practitioners and collaboration with industry.

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