Centre for Sustainable Cyber Security (CS2)

Centre for Sustainable Cyber Security (CS2)

CS2 leads research into sustainable cyber security solutions working now and long term. We prioritise energy-efficiency, cost-efficiency, user acceptance and practicality of real-world adoption of novel cyber security technologies and best practices.

CS2 Projects

CS2 undertakes interdisciplinary research with experts in computer science (cyber risk, verification, forensics), engineering (IoT security), law (privacy and data protection), psychology (face and voice recognition) and business (cyber economics).

Our experts

Dr Yasmine Arafa

Senior Lecturer, Academic Portfolio Lead for Computer Science

Dr Anatolij Bezemskij

Senior Lecturer

Professor Josh P Davis

Professor in Applied Psychology

Dr Ismael Essop

Deputy Head of School of Engineering (Interim), Associate Professor in Digital Solutions and Security

Dr Harry Farmer

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Diane Gan

Principal Lecturer

Rebecca Gomm

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

Dr David Gresty

Senior Lecturer

Dr Anke Görzig

Associate Professor

Dr Ik Soo Lim

Senior Lecturer of Computer Science

Professor Jixin Ma

Professor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)

Dr Georgios Mantas

Senior Lecturer in Digital Security & Management

Dr Karim Nasr

Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering (Wireless Communications)

Dr Nuno Otero

Senior Lecturer in Data Science

Professor Manos Panaousis

Professor of Cyber Security and Deputy Head, Centre for Sustainable Cyber Security

Dr Sakshyam Panda

Lecturer in Cybersecurity

Dr Kamran Pedram

Senior Lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Dr Mariusz Pelc

Senior Lecturer

Dr Anna Piazza

Lecturer in Economic Sociology

Dr Georgia Sakellari

Associate Professor of Networked Systems

Professor Georgios Samakovitis

Professor of Financial Technology, Deputy Head of School

Dr Sadiq Sani

Senior Lecturer in Cybersecurity

Dr Muhammad Taimoor Khan

Associate Professor in Cyber Security

Najma Taimoor

Lecturer in Computer Science

Dr Ivana Tomic

Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security

Dr Srinidhi Vasudevan

Senior Lecturer in Business Management

Dr Tuan Vuong

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Dr Muhammad Waqas

Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security

Professor Özgür H. Çınar

Professor of Law, Deputy Head of School, Principal Fellow of the HEA

Research activity

About us

We believe that multiple expert perspectives are needed to develop cyber security solutions which are effective over the long term. CS2 is therefore fundamentally interdisciplinary and holistic in its approach to research.

We bring together experts in computer science (e.g., cyber risk, verification, forensics, network security), engineering (e.g., Internet of Things security), law (e.g., privacy, data protection and cyber crime), psychology (e.g., online harms, face and voice recognition), and business (e.g., cryptocurrencies, cyber investment).

Examples of recent highly interdisciplinary projects include:

  • COCOON and CHAI, which link psychology and education with cyber security;
  • CUREX and MERIT, which combine cyber security and economics;
  • TRILLION, which combines law with social media and cyber security; and,
  • EUNOMIA, in which AI and cyber security are informed by ethics and political science.


Selected publications from members of the Centre for Sustainable Cyber Security.