Where and when can I find my exam timetable?

When exam timetables are finalised an announcement will be made informing you that you can access your personal exam timetable via either the mobile app and/or 'My Timetable' on the student portal. Faculty 'module' timetables will also be available on the student portal, under 'My Learning'.

The majority of exams are sat in January and May. Some exams may also take place in August for students who started their studies in May. You must ensure you attend your exams as unavailability to do so will result in a failure. A one or two week resit session is also held during July and you must ensure that, if required, you are available to attend exams in this period.

The 2021/2022 exam weeks are:

Monday 10 January - Friday 14 January (take home exam answer documents are to be submitted online 7 days following the release date, i.e. w/c 17 January, although this may not apply where there are Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Body requirements (e.g. Pharmacy).) Please refer to your exam timetable.

Tuesday 03 May - Friday 20 May (exams will not be held on Monday 02 May as this is a UK Public Holiday)

Monday 18 July - Friday 22 July resits only (resit exams may extend into the following week)