During your studies, it may be necessary for you to travel in and out of the UK. It's important to be aware of any impact your trip may have on your studies or your visa

If you are planning a trip outside the UK during the official vacation period, you will usually not face any complications. View the university term dates online if you want to check this.

If any of the following things are relevant to your situation, we strongly recommend that you contact the International Student Advice Service:

  • You need to travel outside of the UK during the term time
  • There is only a short amount of time left remaining on your visa 
  • Your visa will expire when you are outside the UK and you intend to get a new visa to return 
  • You want to re-enter the UK after your studies have officially ended
  • We have told you that we have notified UKVI that you have stopped studying or have finished your studies early

Impact on your study

We also strongly recommend that you speak with your Programme Leader or Personal Tutor if you think that you may need to miss any classes. You may need to complete an Authorised Absence Form and have this approved by your Programme Leader. Please refer to the university attendance and engagement policy and guidance for further information.

If you do not attend all of your classes (or other expected contact points and meetings) without approval, this may lead to withdrawal from your programme of study.

If you have concerns about your ability to attend your programme of study, please contact your Programme Leader or Personal Tutor, so that they can help and advise you.

Returning to the UK

When returning to the UK, we recommend that you carry the following documents in your hand luggage, in addition to your passport and visa:

  • Recently dated student status letter confirming your registration at the University of Greenwich
  • A copy of your Authorised Absence Form (if you are travelling during term time)
  • Documentation to support new Tier 4 visa application (if your current leave is close to expiry)
  • Police Registration Certificate (only applicable if you are required to register with the police)

The above are recommended documents (apart from the passport and visa which are mandatory). If you don't have them it does not necessarily mean that you will not be able to enter the UK. If you are outside of the UK and are concerned about re-entering, contact the International Student Advice Service for advice and assistance. 

Some students will be able to use e-gates to enter the UK. See our information about arriving at the UK border for guidance on this.

You should remember that each time you re-enter the UK, border officials may ask you questions regarding your reasons for entry to the UK. Please be aware that they have the legal right to keep you waiting whilst they check your reason to enter the UK. They can deny entry if they are not satisfied with your reason to return, or think that there is some other reason why they should not allow you to enter the UK. Fortunately this happens very rarely, so you should not be too concerned. We recommend that you follow the advice above and seek advice if you have doubts. 

Advice from UKVI on entering the UK

UKVI have published a helpful international student arrival guide which tells you what to expect at the border when you enter the UK.