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Safeguarding measures in place

Staff applicants use the e-recruitment system - where this is for an academic job requiring a PhD if they do not achieve this criterion then they will be automatically rejected. Human Resources A request for human intervention can be made to HR.
Student attendance monitoring - where there is unacceptable attendance then a letter is sent automatically notifying the student that if they do not contact the University they will be withdrawn. Student & Academic Services Student has the option to contact the University and explain non-attendance. Final withdrawal would be manual.
Student applicants who do not complete the full registration process, or who are already Interrupted - will be withdrawn. Student & Academic Services While the processing of some of these withdrawals is automated in the sense that a code is changed on the student record system database to indicate withdrawn, the processing is only completed after the student has been warned, and has been given an opportunity to tell the University that they intend to return/register.
Interventions for learning analytics - for example student non-attendance or non-participation. Faculties Any intervention is for the student's positive outcome, therefore it is advantageous to them. It is also human intervention.