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Data transfers and data sharing protocol

Template data sharing agreements for use by staff.

Data Transfers and Data Sharing Protocol:

If members of staff need a template contract for a supplier-type organisation who is acting as a Data Processor on behalf of the University within the UK or EEA, this should be the default contract to use for any supplier who is contracting in services:

Data Processor Agreement template

If staff are sharing personal data with other bodies or organisations, then they may need to create a Data Sharing Agreement. It is important to use the right agreement based on the nature of the transfer (within or outside the European Economic Area).

Data Sharing Agreement template for use within the EEA

Data Sharing Agreement template for use outside the EEA

No changes should be made to the templates other than to the sections which are highlighted, which should be completed. Any questions about use of the agreements should be directed to the University Secretary's Office. Agreements should be signed by the University Secretary.