Centre for Thinking and Learning

Centre for Thinking and Learning

Research on applied aspects of cognition and learning and evidence informed education practice from early childhood to adult learning.

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Our experts

Dr Gordon O. Ade-Ojo

Professor of Language and Literacy Policy in Lifelong Learning and Academic Lead for the CPD portfolio

Louise Atkins

Quality Lead PSRB (Head of Initial Teacher Education)

Dr Jane Barnard

Programme Leader, Education

Michelle Best

Senior Lecturer

Gemma Boden

Senior Lecturer

Dr Ashley Brett

Senior Lecturer in Primary Education

Jon Daveney

Senior Lecturer

Professor Josh P Davis

Professor in Applied Psychology

Professor Claire Donovan

Deputy Head of School (Research & Enterprise)

Jennifer Field

Professor of Mathematics Education, National Teaching Fellow and HEA Senior Fellow

Catherine Freeman

PGR student

Dr Poppy Gibson

Programme Lead of BA Hons Primary Education, and Lecturer in Primary Education

Alison Hales

Senior Lecturer in Primary Initial Teacher Education

Lindsay Hart

Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Science

Ms Asegul Hulus

Postgraduate Researcher (PhD) and teaching assistant

Dr Karolina Janacsek

Associate Professor of Psychology

Ryan Jenkins

Postgraduate Research Student, PGR Teaching Assistant

Bonnie Kerr

Senior Lecturer

Iain Kitchener

Deputy Head of School (Student Experience)

Professor Andrew Lambirth

Professor of Education, Literacy

Professor David Luke

Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr Ade Magaji

Associate Professor of Education, Science Education, Pedagogy & Assessments

Dr Gemma Mansi

Principal Lecturer and Programme Leader

Roger McDonald

Associate Professor in Primary Education (Literacy)

Dr Catherine Molesworth


Dr Robert Morgan

Senior Lecturer

Janet Morris

Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader for Early Years

Heather Munn

Senior Lecturer, Early Years

Dr Sandhiran Patchay

Associate Professor of Movement and Cognition Research

Alison Rae

Senior Lecturer, Adult Nursing

Sue Robinson

Senior Lecturer, Adult Care

Dr Anna Samara

Lecturer in Developmental Psychology

Alison Saridogan

Senior Lecturer, Dance and Physical Education

Dr Ewa Sidorenko

Senior Lecturer, Education and Childhood Studies

Lorraine Smith

Programme leader for secondary and further education teacher education

Sarah Smith

Principal Lecturer and Programme Leader for Primary Initial Teacher Education

Jane Speare

Senior Lecturer, Education and Community Studies

Dr Ian Tharp

Senior Lecturer, Psychology

Jill Trinder

Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education and Lead for Primary Mathematics

Dr Robert Willson

Senior Lecturer, Psychology

Rachel Wolfendale

Practitioner in Primary Teacher Education

Dr Yang Ye

Lecturer in Psychology

Research activity

About us

The Centre for Thinking and Learning focuses on applied aspects of cognition & learning, and evidence informed education practice, from early childhood to adult learning. The Centre builds on our strengths in applied cognitive science and education in order to enhance the impact of our research and partnerships on policy and practice relating to thinking and learning across the lifespan. Members of the Centre have specialisation in a range of fields, including applied cognitive and behavioural psychology, teacher and primary education, and adult nursing and paramedic science amongst others.

ILD | Institute for Lifecourse Development

The ILD is a key anchor resource hosted by the Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences. Professionals from related fields will work closely together with researchers and stakeholders from public, charitable and voluntary organisations. Together they will develop effective and economically sustainable lifecourse solutions and tackle the grand challenge agendas society faces.

Recent publications


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Book section

Kalocsányiová, Erika and , Shatnawi, Malika (2022), Transcribing (multilingual) voices: from fieldwork to publication. Multilingual Matters. In: , , In: Prue Holmes, Judith Reynolds, Sara Ganassin (eds.), The Politics of Researching Multilinguall. Multilingual Matters, . ISBN: 9781800410145 (doi: https://centerforinterculturaldialogue.org/2019/05/29/cfp-the-politics-of-researching-multilingually/) NB Item availability restricted.

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Conference item

Magaji, Adewale and , (2019), Engaging trainee teachers in assessment for learning: creating a pedagogy of learning. In: Engaging trainee teachers in assessment for learning: creating a pedagogy of learning., 16 Sep 2019 and 14 Jan 2020, University of Greenwich, London , . , (doi: ).

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Conference proceedings

Magaji, A. , Cabral, A., Lambirth, A., McDonald, R. , Brett, A. , Philpott, C. (2021), Working together with teachers and senior leaders in a teacher-led professional development through a model of action research, collaboration, and facilitation. University of Greenwich. In: , , , Radically reimagining Higher Education for a new era: working together for a just and sustainable futur. University of Greenwich, (doi: ) NB Item availability restricted.

Edited book

Magaji, Adewale and , Neesam, Marc (2020), Editorial Association for Science Education International Journal. ASE International. In: , , , . ASE International, UK (11) (doi: https://www.ase.org.uk/resources/ase-international-journal/issue-11/editorial-open-access).

Working paper