Early Career Researchers (ECRs) form a vital part of the academic community at the Institute for Lifecourse Development and Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences (FEHHS).

The ECR Network aims to support ECRs to develop their research and knowledge exchange agenda. The ECR Network provides a voice for ECRs by representing ECRs’ issues and views at the Faculty Research & Enterprise Committee and the University PGR/ECR Forum.

The network is open to all staff members within the Faculty who identify as ECRs (similar to the UKRI ECR Forum). By joining the FEHHS ECR Network you will have the opportunity to meet fellow ECRs, share knowledge and ideas, or develop new collaborations.

We have a highly multidisciplinary group of ECRs. Our research interests range from wellbeing and mental health, to education and social inequalities. We have expertise in nursing, social work, psychology, public health, and sports science, and we use a range of methodological approaches to conduct our research.

Connect with us

To join the Early Career Researcher Network contact us on: Ecr-fehhs@gre.ac.uk

ECR Representatives

Dr Genevieve Breau G.Breau@greenwich.ac.uk

Dr Ryan Essex R.W.Essex@greenwich.ac.uk

Dr Denise Miller D.Miller@greenwich.ac.uk

ECR Ambassador

Prof Josh Davis J.P.Davis@greenwich.ac.uk

Our Early Career Researchers

Jumana Ahmad

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Salina Ahmed

Research Fellow

Dr Amena Amer

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Marialivia Bernardi

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Natalie Bowling


Dr Genevieve Breau

Lecturer in Public Health

Dr Charmaine Brown

Senior Lecturer

Dr Peter Collins

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Ruth Cooper

Lecturer in Psychology

Christopher Dike

Senior Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing

Dr Helen Elliott

Academic Portfolio Lead

Dr Ryan Essex

Research Fellow

Dr Harry Farmer

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Vanessa Fortune

Research Fellow

Dr Poppy Gibson

Programme Lead of BA Hons Primary Education, and Lecturer in Primary Education

Dr Paula Gomes Alves

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Erika Kalocsányiová

Research Fellow

Bonnie Kerr

Senior Lecturer

Dr Katarzyna Kucaba

Research and Enterprise Fellow

Dr Rosemary Lobban

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Ade Magaji

Associate Professor of Education, Science Education, Pedagogy & Assessments

Dr Marianne Markowski

Research Fellow

Dr Denise A Miller

Course Leader and Senior Lecturer for Childhood and Youth Studies

Dr Amy Moon

Lead Research Fellow

Alice Neal

Lecturer Practitioner - Mental Health Nursing

Dr Titilayo Oshodi

Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing

Dr Christian Perrin

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Claire Rossato

Associate Professor in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Dr Anna Samara

Lecturer in Developmental Psychology

Dr Ewa Stefanska

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

Dr Charlotte R. Stoner

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Rachel Wolfendale

Practitioner in Primary Teacher Education

Ms Carmen Yau

Lecturer in Social Work