IT and Library Services

Digital Systems Availability

We aim to keep our systems available for you to use when you need them. Sometimes we have to arrange downtime for maintenance and improvement. Find out how to check availability and more about our scheduled downtime here.

Check Availability using Service Status

Our Service Status page gives you live updates on the availability of our digital services. We keep it updated with any identified issues and ways to resolve or work around them when we find them, we also share upcoming scheduled maintenance work. You can find a link to the Service Status page on the front page of the Portal.

At Risk Mornings - Tuesdays and Thursdays 7am-9am

During our At Risk Mornings our teams can run scheduled maintenance, make changes or test on our digital services. We aim to keep our systems available for you to use, although sometimes our work requires services to be taken down over this period. When we do this we work hard to get the system back up and running as quickly as possible.

Approved Downtime and Change Freeze Periods

Sometimes our work to upgrade or maintain our digital systems is more complex and requires a longer period of time to complete. We plan these downtime periods in advance and ask colleagues to avoid arranging key events such as assignment hand in dates over these weekends.

Our Clearing and Registration Change Freeze is arranged each year to make sure that no IT changes are introduced before this key time for our colleagues and prospective students.

Our proposed Approved Downtime and Change Freeze Periods are listed below. Sometimes changes are needed to these dates, we communicate any changes as soon as they are decided so that you can plan your activities with confidence.