IT and Library Services

Student PCs and Study Spaces

You can find PCs, study and IT spaces across each of our campuses. As our libraries are often busy, here we share all our available spaces so you can pick your new favourite spot.

LapSafe Laptop Loans

You can find loan laptops in each of our libraries, they are fully patched, networked, secure & ready-to-print and have all our standard software titles, including Microsoft 365, ready for you to use.

Study spaces available on all our campuses

We have a wide range of spaces you can use without making a booking. Whether you're looking for a PC or an iMac, a docking station or an express PC where you can quickly check your email, you'll find what you need in our listing below.

Teaching Labs (marked TL) may be used as open access when teaching is not taking place.


LocationPCsiMacs Express PCs Docking Stations Postgraduate PCs
KW015 (TL) 20     
KW102 30     
KW103A (TL) 30     
KW103B (TL) 40     
KW116 (Blue) (TL) 32     
KW116 (Black) (TL) 48     
KW118 5 3    
KW215 (TL) 30     
KW216 (TL) 30     
KW218 13 3    
KW304  4 4    
KW316  4 4    
KW318 2 6    
QA115 4     
QA263/270/277 27     
QM015 (TL) 24     
QM140 10     
SWS Basement 42 8 1   
SWS Ground Floor* 6 4 5 2  
SWS  1st Floor 37 1 3   
SWS 2nd Floor 51 1 1   
SWS 3rd Floor 26 2   1 17
SWS 11_2001 (TL) 40     

* plus 96 LapSafe laptops

Avery Hill

LocationPCsiMacs Express PCs Postgraduate Study PCs
AH Library - Main* 47    
AH Library - Grey 17    
The Dome 10    

* plus 48 LapSafe laptops


LocationPCsiMacs Express PCs Postgraduate Study PCs
Drill Hall Library* 314   

* plus 48 LapSafe laptops