IT and Library Services

IT and Library supported classrooms

The IT and AV equipment in every IT and Library supported room is important to lecturers and students alike, whether it's a 300 seat lecture theatre or a seminar room for only a handful.

Information and Library Services deploy audio visual and learning technologies to support teaching and learning. We work with faculties, academics and administrators and estates colleagues to deliver support and training for these learning tools We also regularly evaluate emerging technologies for both teaching and learning, and administrative benefits.

Please note the following important information concerning podium / teaching PCs

  • All users must have a university login. Local accounts are not available (in line with university information security policies)
  • All podium PCs are configured with high spec processors, memory and disk drives meaning a PC can be rebooted in under a minute.
  • The Microsoft Outlook shortcut launches the web based Outlook interface. This will stop the local Outlook client from attempting to download all your email to the computer, slowing it down in the process.
  • Wireless/roaming/handheld microphones (those stored in the microphone safes or changing docks on teaching podiums and those usually available from the IT Service Desk on request) have been re-introduced with the approval of our Health & Safety Unit. Please ensure that you have washed/disinfected your hands before each use. Please do not use any anti-bacterial gel/sanitiser on the microphones as this will damage them. Academics need to stand within 2-3m of the fixed microphones on teaching podiums for their voice to be captured in general teaching rooms. Hyflex-enabled rooms allow free movement because they have special wide area pickup ceiling microphones.
  • Please be security conscious and remember to always log out of the computer when you have finished teaching.

Please contact the IT Service Desk for more information if you require it.

Rooms Inventory

The following are the types of room available across the university.  Each room is defined as a single type, but most rooms can be used in a multitude of ways.

  • Lecture Theatre
  • Classroom
  • Study group
  • Meeting room
  • IT Lab
  • Open space

The ILS supported rooms inventory allows you to see what technologies are present in every supported room. The rooms and AV equipment inventory is currently being updated to show Hyflex teaching facilities. Please report any inaccuracies to the IT Service Desk. You will need to log in using your university account to view the inventory.

Classroom AV Help

Our IT and Library Supported Classrooms guide brings together information on the various IT and AV resources across the university. It contains self-guided training resources to help you acquaint yourself with the technologies (such as the AV control systems, microphones and touch screens found in our teaching spaces).