The IT and AV equipment in every IT and Library supported room is important to lecturers and students alike, whether it's a 300 seat lecture theatre or a seminar room for only a handful.

Information and Library Services deploy audio visual and learning technologies to support teaching and learning. We work with faculties, academics and administrators and estates colleagues to deliver support and training for these learning tools We also regularly evaluate emerging technologies for both teaching and learning, and administrative benefits.

This page brings together information on the various IT and AV resources across the university, to see what technologies are present in every supported room.  

Select a room from the inventory if you want to check a specific space, or use the search to find a room for meetings or videoconferencing.

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Classroom AV Help

A selection of videos to help you acquaint your self with the technologies, such as the AV control systems, microphones and touch screens found in our teaching spaces


White Board Cleaning

The following items are recommended for use on all drywipe boards (especially Teacher Boards in Stockwell Street):

  • Pilot Drywipe Marker Pens and Refills
  • SkyBrush Eraser
  • Office Depot General Purpose Cleaner (spray)
  • Microfibre cleaning cloth

Please follow standard procurement processes.