IT and Library Services

Request local software installation

This page describes the process of requesting software to be installed locally onto one or two computers only.

Any application for software that is unavailable through Software Center should be made via the the Applications Management Process (AMP).

Please note that the procedure described here is for having software installed locally onto one or more university computers. The Applications Management Process (AMP) should also be used for requesting the installation of new software onto the university networks for student and/or staff use.

Before making a request please check that you do not already have access to the application.

Check your start menu (for networked computers and standalone laptops)

The Start menu contains software which is locally installed on your computer. Click on your 'Start' button (bottom left hand corner of the screen), and scroll through the list that pops up to see if the software you require is listed. You can also search for an application using the search box at the bottom of the Start menu.

Check Software Center

Click on your 'Start' button (bottom left hand corner of the screen),  then the Software Center tile under ‘Tools’ on the desktop. You will be able to check whether the application is already available for you via the network. You can also search for Software Center using the search box at the bottom of the Start menu. Use Software Center to install the application onto your computer.

Cannot find the software?

You will need the software to be installed. ILS cannot do this unless you have (and can show) an appropriate licence; in some cases you will also need to have the CD or DVD containing the software, and any required licensing key. See the rules and procedures for purchasing and acquiring software.

The university has institution-wide licences for a number of 'core' software applications including the following, so you do not need to obtain a licence to have them installed:

  • Windows upgrade
  • Office Enterprise (for Windows)
  • Office (for Mac)
  • Project Professional (for Windows)
  • Visual Studio .Net Professional (for Windows)
  • PASW Statistics (SPSS) (for Windows)

If the software you need to have installed has not been previously used on the university network then we will need to know what the software does and why you will need to use it. ILS can refuse to install software if it is deemed to be detrimental to the security or efficiency of the network.