IT and Library Services

Requesting a Shared Area

University of Greenwich IT and Library Services Requesting a Shared Area

In exceptional circumstances where data cannot be stored on Teams, requests for shared areas must be made via email to the IT Service Desk in order to preserve network security.

If you are not an authorised requestor for your department then the IT Service Desk may require further authorisation before creating the shared area.

Please include the following details:

  • The name you would like the shared area to have (e.g. project_x_share).
  • The purpose of the shared area.
  • The staff that need access to the shared area. If the shared area is not for use across the whole faculty then you will need to supply a list of Usernames.
  • The type of access each person requires. Do you want everyone to be able to edit the files on the shared area or for some just to view them?

You can email the IT Service Desk at