WhatUni Scholarship

University of Greenwich is proud recipient of the Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2022. We are happy to announce 5 awards of £2000 to be available to our clearing applicants who meet eligibility below.

Am I eligible?

You will be offered the Whatuni Bursary based on the following criteria:

  • You are a new student entering year 0 or 1 of your undergraduate studies from September 2022
  • You have been assessed by Student Finance England and have given consent for it to share your information with the University of Greenwich
  • Your household income is below £25,000
  • You are assessed to pay fees at the home rate
  • You'll be studying at Greenwich, Avery Hill or Medway Campus (except Medway School of Pharmacy) or one of our Partner Colleges where your tuition fee is paid directly to us
  • Submit a statement of 300 words detailing academic achievements and how would the bursary support you in your studies
  • Agree to our bursary donor to use your image, story/case study, and testimonial in connection with material relating to the Awards and Bursaries.

This excludes those studying with a Collaborative Partner, via Distance Learning, on an NHS funded course, PGCE and Postgraduate courses.

If you do not meet the above criteria please do not apply. Your application will not be considered.

How to apply

Please note, applications opened 11th the July 2022 and closed the 7th October 2022. All applicants will be notified via email of the outcome on the 21st October 2022.

Further information

Successful applicants will receive £2,000 cash payment, this will be paid in two instalments: November 2022 and February 2023.

While we will make every effort to ensure that successful applicants are paid on time, it is their responsibilities to provide bank details when requested by the Funds and Bursary team.

Awardees must accept their Bursary offer before the 16th September 2022.


See our general terms and conditions.

If you would like further details about this bursary:

View the full list of available scholarships and bursaries.

Whatuni Bursary Terms and Conditions

Application process

1. Students who meet the criteria above may apply for the Whatuni Bursary. Decisions will be based on the quality of the student’s application. Applications will be assessed by professional staff. All decisions are final

2. As part of the application, applicants must submit a statement of 300 words detailing academic achievements and how would the bursary support you in your studies

3. Applications opens 11th July 2022 and deadline is 26th August 2022

4. We will endeavour to notify all applicants of the provisional outcome within 4 weeks of submission. Bursary will only be confirmed once an unconditional offer is confirmed by our Admissions team. All communication will be sent by email

5. Applicants will be awarded based on the strength of their applications. The University of Greenwich is under no obligation to ward all bursaries, should the quality of the applications be insufficient

6. Applications will be assessed after the submission deadline date. No applications will be considered after this

7. Due to the large number of students applying to study at the University of Greenwich it will not be possible for students to request individualised feedback.

General terms and conditions

1. The Bursary is only valid for September 2022 entrants, it will not be renewed or extended beyond academic year 2022/23

2. If an awardee decides to change programme, they will be entitled to keep the Bursary provided that the new course and mode of study meets the eligibility criteria. All changes must be approved by the Funds and Bursary Team

3. If an awardee decides to withdraw early, the bursary will terminate at the date of withdrawal. The second instalment will not be paid out to awardee where applicable

4. The Bursary cannot be exchanged for an alternative award

5. The Bursary should be used in the year advertised. If a student defers their start date, the Bursary will not be deferred. If the awardee defers their start date, they will no longer be eligible for the Whatuni Bursary

6. If the awardee’s status changes during their study, as a result of information not being provided at the point of application, and the awardee becomes ineligible, University of Greenwich reserves the right to revoke the Bursary and claim back any payments incorrectly made to the awardee

7. The Greenwich University – Whatuni Bursary may not be held in conjunction with any other scholarships/Bursaries; but does not limit eligibility to the University Hardship Fund

8. If a student breaks University of Greenwich regulations and is withdrawn from study, the Bursary will be immediately terminated, and no further support will be available. If the student returns to study later, the Bursary will not be re-awarded

9. Awardees must commit to support the University of Greenwich and its donor (WhatUni) with the future promotion. Awardees will need to commit to photo, testimonial profile, case study and video testimonial

10. The University of Greenwich reserves the right to verify applications and request additional evidence

11. A complaint is normally a specific concern related to a procedural error, irregularity, or maladministration in admissions procedures or policies. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the administration of your Bursary, please contact us in the first instance so that an informal resolution can be sought. This may be done in writing to fab@gre.ac.uk.