Wolfson Centre

Dust Control for Processes

Course Dates

14 June 2023

The course will run online from 09:00 - 13:00 hrs UK time.

There will be opportunity to discuss operational issues with the presenters and other delegates.

Course Fee

£375 per delegate.
Discounts are available for group bookings and returning delegates.


Registration and payment is available via the on-line shop.

A link to join will be sent in the week prior to the course starting.


The course emphasises the practical aspects of technology. Case studies are used throughout to illustrate presentations, and substantial discussion periods are included so that specific problems experienced by attendees can be analysed.

Subjects covered

Characterisation of Bulk Particulates:

  • the need for characterisation;
  • bulk behaviour;
  • key material characteristics;
  • particle size distribution;
  • bulk density;
  • segregation;
  • powder flow function;
  • effect of moisture content

Materials handling:

  • vessel geometry;
  • flow problems;
  • vessel types;
  • feeders;

Dust control:

  • why is dust control important;
  • prevention and containment;
  • extraction;
  • particle capture (filters);
  • venting

Is it for me?

This is ideal for plant designers, plant managers, safety and hygiene specialists and maintenance professionals – particularly if you are handling powders – and will help you to identify and assess risk within your processing system.

The programme will also benefit operational staff or senior management, helping you to gain a better understanding of what can go wrong, and how to make your plant as efficient and trouble-free as possible.

Course team

The course leader is Richard Farnish, Technical Director, who has over twenty years' experience in commercial design work related to materials handling.

Contributions may also be made from the rest of the Team, including
Dr Baldeep Kaur, whose interests lie in characterisation and transportation of bulk materials;
Dr Vivek Garg, whose interests lie in powder flowability;
Dr Atul Sharma, whose interests lie in pneumatic conveying systems.

Please note that The Wolfson Centre reserves the right to substitute leaders of equal quality should this be dictated by circumstances beyond its control.

In-Company course

This course can be delivered as an In-Company course delivered on line at a time to suit operational requirements.

These are proving to be a popular option for companies who have a number of personnel who would benefit from education in the subject area, for 3 main reasons:

  1. Cost: It is more economic for us to bring the course to you, than for you to send several staff out to us;
  2. Relevance: We can tailor the course programme to suit the operations you have in your plant, hence reducing the amount of material which is not directly relevant;
  3. Convenience: We can run the course when it suits you, even over several separate days rather than in a block if it is better for you.

If you are interested in discussing your requirements, please contact us.