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Printing & Copying Costs

There are new MFDs all over the university, but if you are on a campus or in an area you aren't familiar with, you may not know where to find one.

Help & further information

For further information on printing, please see the Multi-Function Device section of our site

Online print credit top-up is available here.  For more information, please see the dedicated Top-up print credit pages

Print Credit machines are available for topping up your current balance to allow additional printing.

Printing costs (per page)

Type Size Price
Mono Laser A4 5 pence per single sheet, 9 pence for two sides.
Mono Laser A3 10 pence per side
Colour Laser A4 20 pence per side
Colour Laser A3 40 pence per side
Colour Plotter A2 £1.00 (standard paper); £2.00 (premium paper)
Colour Plotter A1 £2.00 (standard paper); £4.00 (premium paper)
Colour Plotter A0 £4.00 (standard paper); £8.00 (premium paper)

Duplex printing default in ILS student computing labs:

All capable mono printers in the ILS student computing labs print duplex (double sided) by default. This means a 40% reduction in the amount of paper used in those printers.

Please Note: The charge for two sides of double sided A4 printing on a single sheet has been reduced from 10 pence to 9 pence.