University of Greenwich It and Library Services Planning an office move

Before you move, you must inform the IT Service Desk of the following information. This will help in ensuring you can get back up and running again smoothly.

  • Username of person moving
  • UG number of PC being moved
  • Mac Address of PC
  • IP address of PC
  • Machine Name of PC
  • Current room number and Building
  • Current socket number PC is plugged into
  • New room number and Building
  • New socket number PC to be plugged into
  • Telephone number
  • Socket number telephone is plugged into
  • New socket number telephone is to be moved to
  • Date of move

The IT Service Desk will need this information for each person who is moving.

The IT Service Desk requires one weeks notice for a group office move and three days notice for an individual move.

Things to consider

You will need to contact Facilities Management to arrange for office furniture and IT equipment to be moved.

Visit your new office beforehand to visually inspect the space you will be moving into. You may find that there are not enough network or phone sockets to meet your needs. If this is the case, contact the IT Service Desk to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.

The Switchboard will need to be informed of any telephone extensions that will need moving to your new location.

Remember Information Services will provide support and assistance with any IT related problems you may have. All requests for assistance should be logged with the IT Service Desk on x7555 or email

To find the UG number of your PC

Look on the base unit for a blue and silver sticker labelled "University of Greenwich UGxxxxx".

To find the socket numbers

Look at the number above the right hand side of the network socket your PC is connected to. The network socket will be on the wall or inside a panel on the floor.

Your phone should be connected to the socket on the left hand side. If this is not the case just follow the phone cable.

To find the MAC and IP address of your PC

  • Click on the start button
  • Select run
  • Type cmd and then press return, you will then see a black screen.
  • Type ipconfig/all
  • You will find IP address and the physical(MAC) address in this list of information.

To find the machine name of your PC

  • Right-click on the My Computer icon (Looks like a computer, usually on the top-left of the desktop)
  • Select properties
  • Select the tab that will be called either network identification or machine name
  • The machine name can be found under Full computer name

Once you have gathered all the information please complete the Office Move Request Form.