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Panopto - Remote working

Panopto can be used off campus as well as in the classroom.


Panopto is quick and simple to download onto a laptop or PC. It's safe and secure and can be used to record a screen presentation along with audio from a basic microphone (often found built into a laptop) from a pair of headphones that you would use to make a hands free call. 

The videos below will show you everything from downloading and installing the software to uploading and editing a video, linking it to Moodle (if required) and even scheduling the availability of your content

Recording with Panopto

Finally, if you have been authorised to request captioning for your lectures, this video will guide you through the ordering process.

Webcasting a presentation live via Panopto

Panopto also enables you to create a live webcast, which is streamed to an invited audience, complete with text based chat  / questions. Once completed, the recording will appear in Panopto and can be made available via Moodle as usual.

  • It is recommended to set the folder to the correct course from the dropdown. If the course you require isn't available, you may need to provision the course first (see Provisioning a course below)

Provisioning a course

In order for Moodle to be able to interface with Panopto, the Panopto block within Moodle (per course) has to have been provisioned.

If your course has been set up for automated recording, or you have previously included any Panopto content, the block will have already been configured.

If for any reason the Panopto block is not provisioned,  you will need to manually add and / or provision the Panopto block within Moodle. 

This only takes a few seconds to do and is demonstrated in the following video

Use an old recording to show to a new audience

It is possible to make a copy of a recording made previously and assign it to a new group of viewers.

To copy a recording, the destination must also have a provisioned Panopto block in Moodle set up. (see above)

Alternatively, you can view a complete list of all our Panopto training videos  at our Panopto Video Tutorial Home Page


Students simply access Panopto generated material via the Moodle platform as usual.