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Getting started for lecturers

There are three stages to recording your lectures / content and making them available to students via Moodle.

Stage 1: Initial tasks.

The first time you log in to Panopto, you'll be prompted to read the university's End User License Agreement (EULA). You should read this for yourself, to ensure that you are happy with it, but essentially it means that you are allowing the university to store and play back your recording on Panopto, and that your recording will only be used for educational purposes. If you are happy to use Panopto, click "Accept".

  • Lectures will be automatically recorded and associated to the correct Moodle course.
  • Seminars and Tutorials are not ordinarily automatically recorded. In order to do so, you must manually configure Moodle to work with Panopto.

Prior to actually using the Panopto software, you must log into Moodle and synchronise the Panopto system with your details. This is known as "Provisioning your Course" and simple instructions on how this is done are detailed in the following video.

How to add the Panopto block in Moodle

Once the course is provisioned, you are able to use Panopto to record content for that course.

Stage 2: Recording Content.

The Panopto client is now installed onto every fixed teaching "Podium" PC in every Lecture Theatre and Seminar room across the university. However, while the software and a microphone (fixed to the desk or lapel mike) is installed, cameras are not installed at every location, meaning audio recordings only can be made with desktop capture. The Lecture Theatres and Classrooms in Stockwell Street are all equipped with the compatible cameras, and ILS will concentrate on upgrading Lecture Theatres across the rest of the campuses in the coming months.

  • It is possible to quickly install Panopto onto your office machine via the Software center.

How to add Panopto to the standard university desktop PCs via Software Center, and on unmanaged Windows and Mac device

For a local copy of the Panopto software for home PCs and Laptops and for Mac OS devices, you can download the software by login in to , clicking on the 'Create' button and selecting the top option, Panopto ror Windows/Mac (as applicable), then clicking on Download Panopto (your device will be recognised and the appropriate version of the software downloaded).

You can select to see all available versions for Windows and Mac OS platforms.  The videos below also detail the process.

How to install Panopto on a standalone Mac or Microsoft Windows PC / Laptop

If appropriate, lectures should include a PowerPoint slide reminding the audience that the class is being recorded. A recommended slide is available to be downloaded here.

Stage 3: Editing and Approving your Recordings.

The Panopto recorder will automatically upload your recordings so you can easily share them with your students via Moodle. Before they can see it, you will still need to approve the recording. There is a very simple editing function within the Panopto software, instructions are available on the Panopto website. (opens in a new page)

The final process is to approve the recording which will publish it on the server and create a link to the file in the students' Moodle environment course so that they can easily find it. Instructions for making the recording available can be found here.


For training and advice on using the Panopto lecture recording system, please visit the IT and Library Services website, or contact the IT Service Desk on ext.7555.