An overview of pedagogical technology applications for assessment and feedback.

E-assessment and e-feedback are becoming widely used in HE. Using technology does not necessarily mean replacing existing assessments with their digital equivalents but making use of technology to tackle some of the operational and pedagogic issues of assessment. As such it has the potential to speed up the feedback process, improve the quality of feedback, improve student engagement and add authenticity to students learning. Below are some examples of technology use for assessment and feedback that include the use of e-portfolio, Turn-it-in for feedback provision, social media and e-quizzes.

Exploration of different features of Turnitin with some practical examples on how to implement those features.

A discussion of using portfolios for assessment.

Social media
Exploration of how social media (social networking sites, video sharing sites, social bookmarking and blogs and wikis) can be used for assessment and how they're currently being used at Greenwich and across the sector.

Moodle quizzes
A discussion of the value of Moodle quizzes with examples of case studies (and examples of other tools that can be used for creating quizzes).