Learning and teaching


Resources offering guidance on different aspects of feedback, including principles of good feedback, types of feedback, timeliness and well as how to engage students.

Feedback is that part of learning that allows students to understand the material and improve their performance. It is highly valued by students and at the same time repeatedly mentioned in the NSS survey as an aspect requiring improvement. This section focuses on the most common aspects of feedback, i.e. the principles of good feedback, feedback types, strategies to engage students with feedback and timeliness of feedback.

Principles of Good Feedback
A discussion of the principles and their practical implications.

Types of Feedback
Guidance on how to give audiovisual, exam, and whole class feedback.

Engaging students with feedback
A discussion of possible issues preventing students from engaging with feedback with practical strategies how to overcome those issues.

Ensuring timeliness
A discussion of practical strategies that ensure timely return of feedback.