Learning and teaching

Evaluating assessment practices

More information about TESTA@Greenwich as a mechanism for evaluating assessment practices on a programme level.


TESTA started as a HEA funded project that looks at assessment practices at programme level. A recording of the lecture that Tansy Jessop delivered at Greenwich, which explains in detail what TESTA entails and offers examples of case studies, can be found on the  EDU Vimeo channel.


TESTA@Greenwich uses the principle and the design of the original TESTA with changes made to the original design to better accommodate and reflect the Greenwich context. Its aim is to improve the student learning experience for all involved (students, staff, and programme leaders) and to assist programme teams as they revise their programmes and courses as part of the Review process. TESTA is mandatory for all programmes undergoing Review and must take place in the academic year preceding the Review.

Our central mission is to use data, both quantitative and qualitative, coming directly from students and staff, to inform an assessment and feedback strategy for the future. This is done by fostering a sense of partnership between students and staff, involving students directly in the research process, and working closely with programmes to support them in their goal of improving the student learning experience through assessment and feedback.