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What is Shifts?

Shifts in Microsoft Teams is a schedule management tool that helps you create, update, and manage schedules for your team.

  • Schedules - Create a schedule from scratch or import an existing one from Excel. A Shifts schedule displays days at the top while team members appear on the left. And if you're an owner of multiple teams, toggle between different Shifts schedules to manage them.
  • Day Notes - Add notes to share important news and reminders for a specific day.
  • Groups - Name a group like a job function or location to keep your groups organized. Then, add people to a group.
  • Shifts - Choose a slot to assign a shift. Create it from scratch, or copy from an existing one — and don't forget to add activities like training or a specific task. Add open shifts to your schedule that anyone can request. If you need to review shift coverage, view your schedule by people or shift type.
  • Requests - Review requests for time-off, shift swaps, or offers.
  • Time Clock - Turn on Time Clock to let your team clock in and out of a shift with a mobile device. Enable location detection to ensure team members clock in from a designated work site.
  • Share - As you edit a schedule, it'll save automatically but your team only sees the updates when you've shared it out.
  • Export or Copy - Look at your schedule in a spreadsheet by exporting it to excel. If you need to re-use a Shifts schedule, copy it to the date range you want.

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