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OneNote is a digital notebook which allows you to capture, store and share information in note form with others online, including file attachments, tables and images.


What is Microsoft OneNote?

OneNote is a multi-purpose digital notebook, allowing you to collate words, pictures, audio and video into a singe place, which can be private, or shared and edited by several users simultaneously. Additional functionality includes screen grab and optical character recognition. A OneNote document can comprise a single page, a group of pages (called a section) or multiple sections. 

You can use OneNote via a browser, as part of your Office 365 licence, or download the full Microsoft OneNote software package to a PC, Mac or mobile device, so you and your colleagues are able to read and add to your documents at all times. 

With OneNote, you can:

  • Type notes or record audio at your laptop.
  • Sketch or write ideas on your tablet.
  • Add picture from your phone.
  • Find notes instantly.
  • Freely move notes around the page.
  • Organise those pages into sections.
  • Keep your sections in one or more notebooks.
  • Switch devices and pick up right where you left off.
  • Share your notebooks with others so you can all view and contribute at the same time.

Why use OneNote?

OneNote is an extremely powerful tool which can be used as a repository of files, a project document or a training guide.  

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