About us

The Centre of Political Economy, Governance, Finance and Accountability (PEGFA) brings together a broad range of disciplines - such as economics, accounting, finance, business and management studies sociology, politics and history – into an innovative and interdisciplinary research collaboration which aims to be relevant and impactful and that is international in scope. The institute comprises two research centres – CGRA (Centre for Governance, Risk and Accountability) and GPERC (Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre) - with around 40 members who are active in both research and teaching research-informed courses. The Centre embraces both theoretical and methodological pluralism, and combines both positivistic and critical approaches.

Our focus is on

  • Economic and social agents (firms, institutions, government and individuals) in the institutional setting.
  • Economic and corporate responsibility and governance (including political and social responsibility and governance) of economic agents.
  • Accountability of state, institutions and firms (in an economic setting).
  • Risk management, regulation and supervision of public and corporate economic agents.

We aim to

  • Promote development, sustainability, and fairness
  • Encourage accountability (including economic and corporate governance, and risk management), sustainability, fairness, and performance.
  • Help develop optimal regulation, supervision and intervention (regarding the roles of market vs. state, competition vs. regulation, risks and their impact on different groups).

Our research areas include

  • Inequalities (class, gender, race, poverty, income, wealth and international inequality): causes and consequences
  • Unemployment, labour market institutions, labour rights
  • Innovation, technological change and productivity
  • Internationalization of production, capital and labour mobility, global imbalances
  • Green economy, ecological sustainability, climate change, energy crisis
  • Public investment and fiscal policy; Evidence based public policy and meta-analysis
  • Development (global, regional and local) and sustainability
  • Economics of education
  • Behavioural economics and finance
  • Governance, regulation, institutions, state and society
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility; Accounting & Business Ethics;
  • Critical Accounting; International Accounting Standards
  • Performance Management and Control;
  • Corporate Finance; Finance, economy and society; SMEs and finance
  • Financial Risk Management; Banking Regulation and Supervision
  • Microfinance