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Getting Started

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform, that allows you to easily chat with colleagues, upload & collaborate on files, hold audio / video meetings & integrate other apps within the communication space.

An introduction to Teams.

Microsoft have set up an interactive demo of Teams to help you understand how it can be used.

Teams Key Features

  • easily reach out to colleagues
  • collaborate on documents, schedules, plans or notes
  • @mention someone to get their attention
  • initiate and participate in live group conversations and meetings
  • chat privately
  • feed activities from your other apps to your Team
  • built in compliance for data loss prevention and privacy

If you are new to Teams or just want to learn more, Microsoft have created an informative video to introduce you to Teams and it's features:

Why are we implementing Teams at the university?

Teams has been created as a collaboration tool, and is integrated with the other Microsoft Office 365 suite of products. It however extends beyond those titles and enables you to link to other approved and secure platforms. Teams with in the university also provides 

  • the ability to work remotely with colleagues
  • less email communication preventing your inbox becoming cluttered
  • collaborative document editing
  • uses your University log-in details
  • easy to use

More information about Teams