IT and Library Services

User Accounts

University IT Account

Your Greenwich Gateway Card acts as your university ID and provides access to resources across the university, such as library book borrowing and printing & scanning, You will find your username printed on it for reference.

Some IT systems across the university are common to both staff and students, while others will be only available to one group.  We've put a list of services for new staff and new students to help you get started in the first few days of your time here.

Staff and students alike must always keep their password secret. We ask that you change your password if it has been compromised or when it approaches its expiry date, but we'll send you reminders via email and in the Portal when it's getting close!

As a student, or a member of staff, at the University of Greenwich, you will have to use certain pieces of software, such as the Portal, our Virtual Learning Environment, and electronic resources. Open Access IT labs and Libraries provide computers, scanners and printers, while cloud based storage and email allow you to access your files and stay in touch anywhere.

  • Staff wishing to request a temporary account, for a visiting lecturer or contractor, should apply via the Affiliate accounts system

When you leave the university, at the end of your studies or employment, your account, files and data will be removed automatically according to university policies.  We strongly recommend that before you leave, you take certain steps to ensure you have a copy of any work you wish to keep, have updated your CV and contact details to reflect your new circumstances