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New Staff and Affiliates

Welcome to University of Greenwich, a place where you can make a difference.

The resources on this page are for new members of staff and those involved in the IT Induction process.

IT Service Desk

Our IT Service Desk is your first point of contact for all issues, service requests or queries relating to our services and software. We provide IT and Digital support for our students, staff, affiliates and visitors. Before you raise a call, check our Service Status page to see whether our systems are all working as expected. We update this page as we investigate, identify, and resolve issues and we often share useful information to help you work around the issue.

New staff IT induction

The sections below match with the sections in our New Staff Member IT Induction Feedback Form and provide more information about each area.

1. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

You can set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on multiple devices. MFA is required to access our systems off campus. More information and guidance can be found on our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) page.

The Microsoft Authenticator app is available from Google Play, the Apple App Store or the Microsoft App Store. We recommended that you use the Microsoft Authenticator app set to 'receive notifications for verification' as it is the fastest and easiest way to approve sign in.

2.  The Portal

The Portal is our one stop shop for everything you need at the university. It brings a range of facilities together to help you quickly find what you need. Check that you are able to login to The Portal.

3. Microsoft 365 platform

Microsoft 365 gives you access to cloud based Office software which allows you to create, collaborate and share your work. In addition to the usual Microsoft Office apps, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote etc. Microsoft 365 also offers additional collaboration and communication tools such as OneDrive, Teams and the Viva social networking platform.

The university's subscription to Microsoft 365 allows our staff and students to use Microsoft Office apps on Windows; Mac; iOS and Android. Install it on your devices for free by following the Microsoft 365 installation instructions here.

You can access the online applications of Microsoft 365 directly in the browser by typing:

While you are logged into our network the link will take you directly to the Office 365 page. If you are outside of the university it will redirect to a login page to authenticate your account for access.

4. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform, that allows you to easily chat with colleagues, upload and collaborate on files within Teams channels, hold audio / video meetings and integrate other apps within the communication space.

5. Your office device and phone

We provide enhanced support levels for standard devices, which are fully compatible with all our teaching and office spaces. We are transitioning from staff PCs or desktop devices to a laptop first provision. Going forward, we will offer a laptop and an on campus workstation as standard to all our staff. See our standard IT equipment specifications and your options here.

Whatever device you use, the university's standard software will be installed on it. Our standard software provides a common base for all staff and student devices.

You may also be provided with an office telephone. Our telephony system has several types of handsets. You can access information on these and other aspects of the system on our Telephony web page.

6. Printing / scan and send / copying

Our High Performance Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) can be used for printing, photocopying and scanning. They are located throughout our campus.

7. University Email - Microsoft Outlook 365

There are several ways to access your university email:

The Microsoft Outlook 365 client on your university desktop or laptop.

Via web browser, log into Microsoft 365 email in the cloud.

Setting up Microsoft Outlook or Other Microsoft 365 applications on your devices i.e.

  • Tablet
  • Smart Phone

More information can be found on our page, Microsoft 365 guidance

Setting up Microsoft Outlook 365 on your Windows or MacOS system:

8. Setting Up Microsoft Outlook to run on your devices

Microsoft Outlook 365 and other Microsoft 365 applications can be installed on up to ten of your personal devices, five mobile devices and five desktop devices i.e., desktop PC or laptop.

See our Office 365 Advantage page for more detail

Our easy-to-follow step by step Installation Guides will assist you in setting up your devices.

9. Accessing other mailboxes

Depending on your role, you may find it necessary to have access to an email boxes/s other than your own.

This short video will assist you in requesting the necessary access rights to these mailboxes.

Data stored in all network areas as well as in your local PC or Laptop is subject to university policy as described in our Policies for Information Security.

10. Microsoft 365 cloud storage

As part of the Microsoft 365 subscription, all staff members have access to one Terabyte of cloud data storage in Microsoft OneDrive. OneDrive can be used to store your personal work files and share your files with other colleagues in the university.

For further information please visit the Microsoft 365 page.

Data stored in all network areas as well as your local PC or Laptop are subject to university policy as described in our Policies for Information Security.

11. Mandatory training

You are required to complete all mandatory training courses which include Information Security; Data Protection Incorporating GDPR and other courses approved by the university. These are  accessed within our Moodle our Virtual Learning Environment  (VLE).

12. Are you ready?

We have covered a great deal about digitally working within the University of Greenwich. The information presented is by no means complete, you will learn more specific information on how your Faculty or Directorate utilise the IT Resources of the university within your team.

We hope you feel confident to get started. Remember, the IT Service Desk is here to assist you with IT related issues during your employment with the university.

Thank you for your time and feedback during your IT Induction. We wish you all the best in your employment with the University of Greenwich.

Staff members providing IT Induction

This playlist of 4 videos provides an overview of the New Staff Resource Request Service along with a Guide to the New Staff IT Induction process.

Further Information

User Account

Your University of Greenwich IT account enables you to access IT and Library facilities across the university, such as:

  • Access to the internet
  • Access to the university intranet
  • A University of Greenwich email account
  • On-line training via Moodle
  • Access to the University of Greenwich Portal
  • Remote access to your files via the university Remote Desktop Service
  • Wi-Fi access to the university network via eduroam
  • A range of software packages. These will differ depending on your school or department but will include Microsoft Office.
  • Your university email address may also allow you to take advantage of a host of offers from external suppliers offering services to students.
  • Greenwich Gateway Card

You are expected to comply with the university Rules and Regulations and operate in accordance with relevant legislation.

Information Security

Information protection and management is of critical importance to the university. Without adequate security measures, years of research data, personal information or sensitive documents could be put at risk. The security of confidential information is the responsibility of the individual member of staff and not the university itself, nor the line manager or Head of Department.


If you are working at the university, but not a permanent member of staff, then you are an Affiliate. You will be affiliated to an individual Faculty or Directorate of the university. The university has an Affiliate Resource Management System (ARMS). It provides the Affiliate users self-service online registration to request computer accounts, access to certain university resources and a Greenwich Gateway Card. Affiliate categories in ARMS include Contractors, Consultants, Student Union staff, Partner College staff, and External Examiners.