IT and Library Services

Request a temporary account

We are able to create short term University accounts for your externally-based collaborators or contractors so that University IT facilities can be extended to these staff.

If you are working with the University of Greenwich (and are not a member of University of Greenwich staff) you can apply for a University of Greenwich Affiliate account.

To qualify you need to be affiliated to a Faculty or Directorate of the University. The Faculty or Directorate will process your application. Assuming your application is successful, you will be given access to services such as Portal, Moodle*, BannerWeb, File storage and print and email based on the type of work you undertake for the University.

You should use this system to request an account if this is a new request or if your previous account has expired.

More information:

*Once an account has been created, affiliate account holders should contact the course coordinator of the Moodle course/s they need to be added to.

About Affiliate accounts

Affiliate accounts are granted for an initial maximum of 12 months.

Affiliate accounts, by default, are created with minimal rights and services associated to them, however, a additional rights can be requested.

Please contact the IT Service Desk for information about the  your faculty or directorate Affiliate account approvers, or further advise if you need an account set up.