IT and Library Services

Information for Affiliate Approvers

The University's management system for Affiliate information is called 'ARMS' (Affiliate Resource Management System). It provides the affiliate users with self service on-line registration to request computer accounts and access to certain university resources.

The requesting affiliate (sponsor*) makes use of a web form to let us know their details (name, affiliation, external email address etc.). The data from this form is then stored in the ARMS system and an Affiliate Approver for the user's Faculty or Office is informed that a request is awaiting their attention. The approver logs in to the ARMS web site, checks the request and either approves it, denies it, or asks the user for more details. The user is kept up-to-date via email.

Once approved, one or more IT accounts are created, based on the type of affiliate and the faculty or office that they are affiliated to. Systems include the home area servers, email, Moodle, and the portal. In the coming years more systems will be added.

The new system allows more direct control of the affiliate's computer account by their faculty or office. It also provides auditing, reports and workflow to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

*A sponsor is a university employee who takes responsibility for the actions of the sponsored user.