If you need to request any of the following you will need to ask an authorised requester to submit the request for you:

  • Affiliate Accounts (people who will not appear on university payroll system)
  • Extensions of account expiry dates (guest accounts or accounts that are awaiting new contract details)
  • Permission to use restricted mail lists
  • Access to restricted mail lists
  • Permanent increases of space beyond standard allocations
  • Voicemail mailbox setup
  • Redirection of email for staff who leave employment or on maternity leave (Faculty Operating Officers only)

From time to time there is a need for non routine access to some corporate IT system. To do this, an authorised requestor nominated by the faculty operating officer or director of department needs to agree your request. This is to provide a degree of network and data security. Authorised requestors accept responsibly for the acceptable use of the resource that they request.

All of these types of requests must be made by an authorised requester via email to itservicedesk@gre.ac.uk.